Take Two! The Hot Facts on Mother and Daughter Hotties in Hollywood

Like mother, like daughter? In some cases, absolutely. We’ve seen hot celebrity women from past generations who have given us new gifts – their sexy daughters.

In some cases, we’ve seen more than one hot daughter make it into the lime-light after a famous mom. Though they’ve all chosen show business careers, how much do they really have in common? In some cases, more than you’d expect and in other cases, not much at all.

Take a look at the hot women of past and present. Who is the greater talent? Mother or daughter? Who’s sexier and who’s been the most successful or talked about? Check out the scoops, scandals and more on our favorite mother/daughter duos.

The bonus at the end?  Not two but THREE generations of fame and beauty.

Mom: Ingrid Bergman

Born August 29, 1915 in Stockholm, Sweden; died August 29, 1982 in London, England

Daughter#1: Pia Lindstrom

Born September 20, 1938 in Stockholm, Sweden

Daughter#2: Isabella Rossellini

Born June 18, 1952 in Rome, Italy

Father#1: Aron Petter Lindstrom (neurosurgeon)

Father#2: Roberto Rossellini (Italian film director)

ingrid Take Two! The Hot Facts on Mother and Daughter Hotties in Hollywood


Most famous for her role as Ilsa Lund in the 1942 classic Casablanca, Ingrid Bergman was in countless movies from 1935 until her death in 1982. She was fluent in five languages: Swedish (her native tongue), Italian, English, French, and German and acted in all five languages.

Her personal and romantic life was more than a little busy. In fact, she was said to have had several affairs while married to various men. The most scandalous was when she was married to Aron Lindstrom (her first husband) and became pregnant with Renato Rossellini, her first child with Roberto Rossellini, an Italian director.

This was huge in the media in the United States and lead to her exile. Aron Lindstrom sued her for abandonment as they had a daughter together, Pia Lindstrum. Altogether, Bergman had four children: one from her first marriage, Pia and three from her second marriage, Renato and twins Isabella and Isotta Rossellini.

Ingrid’s Marriages and Relationships:

Boyfriend: John Steinbeck; novelist
Boyfriend: Larry Adler; harmonica player
Husband: Aron Petter Lindström; neurologist; 1937-1950
Boyfriend: Burgess Meredith; actor; 1940
Boyfriend: Spencer Tracy; actor; 1941
Boyfriend: Gary Cooper; actor; 1943
Boyfriend: Gregory Peck; actor; 1945
Boyfriend: Robert Capa; photographer; 1945-1946
Husband: Roberto Rossellini; film director; 1950-1957
Boyfriend: Yul Brynner; actor 1956
Husband: Lars Schmidt; director; 1958-1976
Boyfriend: Yves Montand; actor and singer; 1961
Boyfriend: Anthony Quinn; actor 1964
Boyfriend: Omar Sharif; actor; 1964

pialindstrom Take Two! The Hot Facts on Mother and Daughter Hotties in Hollywood


Pia Lindstrum, the first born child of Ingrid Bergman, was a television personality and small-time actress in foreign films. Pia has been a reporter for KGO-TV in San Francisco, California and for WCBS-TV in New York City. She was also the anchorwoman for WNBC-TV in New York City from 1973 to 1997.

Pia’s Marriages:

Husband: Fuller Earle Callaway III; 1960-1961
Husband: Joseph Daly; actor; married in 1971
Husband: John Carley; attorney; 2001-present

isabellarosselini Take Two! The Hot Facts on Mother and Daughter Hotties in Hollywood


Isabella had her film debut in 1976 and also became a model four years later when she was in the British and in the American versions of Vogue magazine. She is still active in show business today.

In her personal life, Isabella has two children: Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann (born in 1983) and an adopted son Roberto Rossellini (born in 1993). Isabella holds dual citizenship in the Untied States and in Italy and is a passionate activist for wildlife conservation. She also gets involved with training dogs for the blind and is the ambassador for the Uinited States Fund for UNICEF (United Nations Children Fund).

Isabella’s Relationships and Marriages:

Boyfriend: Franco Angelini; 1974
Husband: Martin Scorsese; film director; 1979-1982
Husband: Jonathan Wiedemann; model; 1983-1986
Boyfriend: Mikhail Baryshnikov; dancer; dated in the mid 1980s
Boyfriend: David Lynch; filmmaker; lived together 1986-1991
Boyfriend: Gary Oldman; actor, writer, director, and producer; engaged 1994-1996
Boyfriend: Gregory Mosher; producer and director; 1996-1997


Isabella Rossellini and mother Ingrid Bergman were in one film together,  A Matter of Time (1976). It was Isabella’s debut film. Though Pia Lindstrom never performed with her mother, she hosted two different documentaries involving Ingrid Bergman: You Must Remember This: A Tribute to “Casablanca” (1992) and Ingrid Bergman Remembered (1996).

Mom or Daughter: Who is/was hotter? Mom – INGRID BERGMAN

Mom: Janet Leigh

Born Jeannette Helen Morrison on July 6, 1927 in Merced, CA; Died October 3, 2004

Daughter #1: Kelly Curtis

Born June 17, 1956 in Santa Monica, CA

Daughter #2: Jamie Lee Curtis

Born November 22, 1958 in Los Angeles, CA

Father: Tony Curtis (actor)

janetleigh Take Two! The Hot Facts on Mother and Daughter Hotties in Hollywood


Janet Leigh had her film debut  in 1947 and has had many roles since then, but she’s most famous for her starring role in the movie Psycho (1960). In the two sequel movies to Psycho, Psycho II (1983) and Psycho III (1986), she appeared in a cameo flashback scene. She was married four times, the first one when she was 14 years old. That marriage was annulled the same year. Janet has two daughters, Kelly and Jamie Lee, by her third husband.

Janet’s Marriages and Relationships:

Husband: John Carlyle; married in 1942, annulled in the same year
Husband: Stanley Reames;1946-1948
Boyfriend: Arthur Loew Jr.; producer; 1950
Husband: Tony Curtis; actor; 1951-1962
Boyfriend: John F. Kennedy
Boyfriend: Johnny Stompanato; actor
Boyfriend: Peter Lawford; actor
Husband: Robert Brandt 1962 until her death in 2004

kellycurtis Take Two! The Hot Facts on Mother and Daughter Hotties in Hollywood


Kelly Curtis isn’t as big in the acting scene as her parents or her sister Jamie Lee. However, she has made some movie appearances and television appearances here and there from 1983 through 1999. She’s best known publicly for her parents’ acting accomplishments.

jamieleecurtis Take Two! The Hot Facts on Mother and Daughter Hotties in Hollywood

Jamie Lee

Jamie Lee Curtis first got her start in the movies in 1978 when she starred in the horror film Halloween. Since then, Jamie Lee Curtis has had a wide variety of roles and one could argue that she’s outdone even her mother’s stardom. In addition, Curtis has written a few children’s books.

The books have been published between 1993 to present day. In addition to her work, Jamie Lee Curtis has two adopted children with her husband: Anne Haden Guest (born 1986) and Thomas Haden Guest (born 1996).

Jamie Lee’s Marriage and Relationships:

Boyfriend: J. Michael Riva; production designer; in the 1970s; they were engaged
Boyfriend: Adam Ant; musician
Husband: Christopher Guest; 1984 to present


Both Jamie Lee and Kelly Curtis appeared in the movie Trading Places (1983) starring Dan Aykroyd and Egdie Murphy. Kelly played Muffy and Jamie Lee played Ophelia, the hooker that takes Dan Aykroyd’s character in.

Mother and Daughter

Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis have appeared in two movies together. The first was in 1980 in the horror film The Fog, but they weren’t on screen together until the end of the movie. The second film was in 1998 in the movie Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later when they’re on screen near the beginning of the movie.

Mom, Daughter, or Daughter: Who is/was hotter? Mom – JANET LEIGH

Mother: Debbie Reynolds

Born Mary Frances Reynolds on April 1, 1932 in El Paso, TX

Daughter: Carrie Fisher

Born October 21, 1956 in Beverly Hills, CA

Father: Eddie Fisher (singer)

debbiereynolds Take Two! The Hot Facts on Mother and Daughter Hotties in Hollywood


Debbie Reynolds, an actress and a dancer, first hit the big screen in 1948, but had her big breakthrough in 1952 with the big hit Singing in the Rain opposite Gene Kelly. In fact, Debbie hadn’t yet been a dancer until this role. The then sexy star stayed extremely popular through the 1950s and 1960s and stared in numerous films.

Currently, she still dabbles in show business and has personal appearances from time to time on stage and has also hosted some documentaries, but she’s semi retired and loves spending time with her family.

In her personal life, she was married to Eddie Fisher in 1955, but the relationship ended in a scandal due to the affair between Eddie Fisher and Elizabeth Taylor. She was married again in 1960 to Harry Karl, who put Debbie into bankruptcy due to his excessive gambling. Debbie has two children: Todd Fisher, a television commercial director and actress Carrie Fisher.

Debbie’s Marriages and Relationships:

Boyfriend: Arthur Loew, Jr.; producer
Boyfriend: Glenn Ford; actor; 1950
Boyfriend: Tab Hunter; actor and singer; 1953
Husband: Eddie Fisher; singer; 1955-1959
Boyfriend: Bob Neal; sportscaster; 1959
Boyfriend: Robert Wagner; actor; 1959
Husband: Harry Karl; entrepreneur and millionaire; 1960-1973
Husband: Richard Hamlett; 1984-1994
Boyfriend: Bob Fallon; producer

carriefisher Take Two! The Hot Facts on Mother and Daughter Hotties in Hollywood


Carrie Fisher certainly needs no introduction even though her most famous role was back in the late 1970s and into the 1980s. Of course we all know her as Princess Leia in the Star Wars movie series. Though she’s done numerous things since then, she’ll always be known as Princess Leia.

Due to her role in the Star Wars films along with other acting successes that Carrie’s had, we all know the shining side of Carrie; but what about her dark side? A troubled Carrie Fisher had been in therapy since age 15 and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was 24 years old. At the age of 28, she overdosed on pain killers and cocaine and as a result checked herself into rehab.

In 2005, Carrie was in the public eye amongst a possible scandal once again. Long time friend, who was also openly gay, R. Gregory Stevens, a Republican media advisor died in Carrie’s bed. Stevens was staying with her to attend the Oscars the following day. It was found that Stevens had taken cocaine and pain medication that caused complication with his pre-existing heart condition. Fisher said that she had no idea that he had taken any drugs or medication that evening.

Among her many acting roles, Fisher is also a novelist and has written many books about her own life and struggles. She has one child, a teenage daughter, Billie Catherine Lourd.

Carrie’s Marriage and Relationships:

Boyfriend: Chris Dodd; United States senator
Boyfriend: John Belushi; actor; in the 1970s
Boyfriend: Dan Aykroyd; actor; in the 1970s
Boyfriend: Harrison Ford; actor; 1980
Boyfriend: George Lucas; producer, director, and screenwriter; 1982
Husband: Paul Simon; singer; 1983-1984
Boyfriend: Bryan Lourd; talent agent

Mother and Daughter

Though the two have never performed professionally on the big screen, Carrie Fisher co-wrote a comedy movie made for television called These Old Broads (2001) and Debbie Reynolds starred in the movie. The two have a very close relationship and live next door to each other.

Mom or Daughter: Who is/was hotter? Mom – DEBBIE REYNOLDS

Mom: Raquel Welch

Born Jo Raquel Tejada September 5, 1940 in Chicago, IL

Daughter: Tahnee Welch

Born Latanne Rene Welch December 26, 1961 in San Diego, CA

Father: James Welch (Talent agent)

raquelwelch Take Two! The Hot Facts on Mother and Daughter Hotties in Hollywood


Raquel was said to be one of the biggest sex symbols of all time. Hitting her peak as such in the 1970s, she appeared in several movies, had her own television show, guest starred on some television shows, and appeared on the cover of numerous magazine around the world. With her many talents and wide range in acting abilities, Raquel Welch has managed to stay active in the entertainment business even to this current time, spanning her career as an actress over 4 decades.

Raquel’s Marriages and Relationships:

Husband: James Welch; publicist and talent agent; 1959-1964
Husband: Patrick Curtis; director and producer; 1967-1972
Boyfriend: Robert Evans actor and producer; 1976
Husband: Andre Weinfeld; director, producer, and screenwriter (1980-1990)
Husband: Richard Palmer; entrepreneur; 1999, separated in 2008

tahneewelch Take Two! The Hot Facts on Mother and Daughter Hotties in Hollywood


It must be difficult living in the shadows of one of world’s most famous sex symbols. Due to her mother’s career and busy schedule, Tahnee spent most of her childhood in England, Spain, and Italy before returning to an all girls school in the United States. By the time she was 16, Tahnee had decided to drop out of school and leave home. Taking jobs as a maid and a hairdresser, Tahnee spent her pre-acting and modeling years backpacking across Europe.

She started her acting career in Italy and made her way to the States to appear in Cocoon (1985) and Cocoon: The Return (1988). In between those films and after them, she did most of her acting in Europe. As a model, Tahnee has appeared in quite a few magazines.

Tahnee’s Relationships:

Boyfriend: Jared Harris; English actor, 1991-1996


Though it’s easy to see that Raquel has had the most successful acing and modeling career and was more famous, Tahnee is no slouch. The two have never appeared in the same television or movie together, but they do have a few things in common. Both models have appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine; Raquel in December 1979 and Tahnee in November 1995. The difference is that Tahnee also posed nude inside the magazine while Raquel never posed nude for a magazine. They also each been in Cosmopolitan magazine (Raquel in February 1978 and Tahnee in January 1997) and in the German magazine Bunte.

Mom or Daughter: Who is/was hotter? Mom, of course! RAQUEL WELCH

Mom: Blythe Danner

Born February 3, 1943 in Philadelphia, PA

Daughter: Gwyneth Paltrow

Born September 27, 1972 in Los Angeles, CA

Father: Bruce Paltrow (TV director)

blythedanner Take Two! The Hot Facts on Mother and Daughter Hotties in Hollywood


Though Blythe Danner started her acting career in the 1970s, she gained a lot of popularity in the 1990s as an older, more refined actress. In the 2000s, she became best known for her roles in the movie Meet the Parents (2000) and its sequel Meet the Fockers (2004).

Along with still being active in Hollywood, Blythe is also an avid activist in a few different areas. For many years, she’s been an advocate of out environment, recycling and alternative fuel.

In the early 2000s, she sparked a new interest as a activist in oral cancer because her husband Bruce Paltrow was suffering from it. She founded the Bruce Paltrow Oral Cancer Fund and continues to help raise money and awareness. Blythe has a total of two children: actress Gwyneth Paltrow and director Jake Paltrow.

Blythe’s Marriage and Relationships:

Dated: Chevy Chase; actor; in the mid 1960s
Husband: Bruce Paltrow; television director 1969-2002 upon his death

gwyneth Take Two! The Hot Facts on Mother and Daughter Hotties in Hollywood


Gwyneth first appeared to us in the movies in 1991, but she didn’t become really well known until her breakthrough role in the movie Se7en in her role opposite Brad Pitt and also starring Morgan Freeman. Since then, Paltrow has been in numerous films and still has much success as an actress. She’s also dabbled in professional singing, but her true forte is still acting.

Though Gwyneth has had an extensive and public dating history, she settled down upon her pregnancy with her boyfriend and musician Chris Martin. They got married at the end of 2003 and their first child was born in May 2004.

Gwyneth is the mother of Apple Blythe Alison Martin (born May 14, 2004) and Moses Bruce Anthony Martin (born April 8, 2006). Gwyneth shows the public her “human” side when she revealed in the May 2008 issue of Vogue magazine that she suffers from post partum depression from her last pregnancy.

Gwyneth’s Marriage and Relationships:

Boyfriend: Brad Pitt; actor; 1994-1997; was engaged to Pitt
Boyfriend: Ben Affleck; actor; 1998-2000; cohabitated with Affleck
Boyfriend: Chris Heinz; son of United States senator John Heinz; 2000-2001
Boyfriend: Robert Sean Leonard; actor; 2001
Boyfriend: Luke Wilson; actor; dated 2001-2002
Boyfriend: Bryan Adams; musician; 2002
Boyfriend: Prince Albert II; Monaco prince; 2002
Boyfriend: Aaron Eckhart; actor; 2002
Boyfriend: Prince Felipe; Spanish prince; 2002
Boyfriend: Prince Nicholas; Greek prince; 2002
Boyfriend: James Purefoy; actor; 2002
Boyfriend: Walter Salles; film director; 2002
Boyfriend: Scott Speedman; actor; 2002-2003
Husband: Chris Martin; musician; married 2003-present

Mother and Daughter

The mother and daughter appear to be very close and it appears that Blythe supports her. Their first performance professional performance together was back in 1992 in a made for TV movie called Cruel Doubt. The next movie in which they were together was in the movie Sylvia (2003) starring Gwyneth as poet Sylvia Plath.

Mom or Daughter: Who is/was hotter? Daughter – GWYNETH PALTROW

Mom: Susan Lucci

Born December 23, 1946 in Scarsdale, New York

Daughter: Liza Huber

Born February 22, 1975 in Long Island, New York

Father: Helmut Huber (businessman)

ericakane Take Two! The Hot Facts on Mother and Daughter Hotties in Hollywood


Susan Lucci has guest starred on countless television shows over the past 30 years or so, but she’s best known for her ongoing and long time role as Erika Cane on ABC Network’s daytime soap opera All My Children. Susan has been nominated a total of 21 times for a Daytime Emmy Award for her role on the soap opera, but it wasn’t until the 19th nomination that she actually received the award; and she’s only received it that one time.

Lucci has her own hair care, skin care, perfumes, and lingerie products called The Susan Lucci Cllection. The skin care product line is called “Youthful Essence” and the perfume is called “LaLucci”.

Susan Lucci is the wife of businessman Helmut Huber and has been since 1969. They have a daughter, Liza and a son, Andreas together.

lizahuber Take Two! The Hot Facts on Mother and Daughter Hotties in Hollywood


Liza Huber followed in her mother’s footsteps by getting a role in a soap opera. Instead of starring on All My Children, Liza plays the role of Gwen Hitchkiss on Passions. She first appeared in the role in 1999, but left in 2000. She was asked to come back in 2002 and she did so.

She married her childhood sweetheart, Alexander Hesterberg III in 2004 and they have two sons together: Royce (born 2006) and Brendan (born 2008).

Mother and Daughter

The pair have never appeared on screen together, but what they have in common is that they are both soap opera actresses. Another touching connection between them is that Liza’s first son, Royce was born on “Grandma” Susan Lucci’s 60th birthday.

Mom or Daughter: Who is/was hotter? Hmmm… Tough one… Mom – SUSAN LUCCI

Mom: Goldie Hawn

Born November 21, 1945 in Washington D.C.

Daughter: Kate Hudson

Born April 19, 1979 in Los Angeles, CA

Father: Bill Hudson (musician from the group The Hudson Brothers)

goldiehawn Take Two! The Hot Facts on Mother and Daughter Hotties in Hollywood


During her pre-acting days, Goldie Hawn dropped out of college and became a dance instructor, skills she learned from her father. She later began to dance professionally and got her break into show business in 1967 with a short lived television series called Good Morning, World, where she played the girlfriend of a DJ that had a stereotypical “dumb blonde” personality.

Her popularity grew in the 1970s and really peaked in the early 1980s with her hit comedy Private Benjamin (1980). Though she’s lost a lot of popularity as an actress, Hawn has stayed active in show business. A film to be released later this year, Ashes to Ashes, is one Goldie Hawn is directing.

Though she was married three times earlier in her life, she has been with her long lime boyfriend, actor Kurt Russell, since 1983. Goldie Hawn has two children by her third husband, musician Bill Hudson: Oliver and Kate Hudson; and a third child by Kurt Russell named Wyatt Russell.

Goldie’s Marriages and Relationships:

Husband: Gus Trikonis; director 1969-1973
Husband: Bruno Wintzell; actor 1973-1975
Husband: Bill Hudson; musician; 1976-1980
Boyfriend: Kurt Russell; actor; 1983-present


Though Kate Hudson had her movie debut in 1998 when she was 19 years old, she didn’t become well known until years later. Her biggest breakthrough was with the highly successful romantic comedy How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003) where she starred opposite Matthew McConaughey.

In Hudson’s personal life, she claims that her father Bill Hudson doesn’t know her at all, but she considers her mother’s long time partner Kurt Russell to be her dad. Hudson has been in some controversy in the recent years. She sued the British version of the National Enquirer in July 2006 when they stated that she had an eating disorder. Kate states emphatically that there is no truth to these claims in any way.

What’s even bigger news than that is her rash of boyfriends and dates who have been perhaps in the public eye too much. The relationship that raised eyebrows the most was that of her and actor Owen Wilson. There was a buzz about an affair between the two of them when she was sill married to singer Chris Robinson.

After their divorce in October 2007, Hudson and Wilson went public with their relationship. Hmm.. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure that one out. It doesn’t appear that this was Kate’s only act of indiscretion. Take a look below at her long history of dating and relationships.

katehudson Take Two! The Hot Facts on Mother and Daughter Hotties in Hollywood

Kate’s Marriage and Relationships:

Dated: Eli Craig; actor and producer, son of Sally Field
Dated: Eric Lindros; hockey player
Dated: Matt LeBlanc; actor
Dated: Brendan Sexton III; actor 1998
Dated: Elijah Blue Allman; singer and musician 1998-1999
Husband: Chris Robinson; singer with The Black Crowes; 2000-2007
Dated: Nic Cester; singer and songwriter; 2006 (allegedly)
Dated: Owen Wilson; actor, allegedly dated 2006-2007, though they didn’t make it public until her divorce was final
Dated: Heath Ledger; actor; 2007 (allegedly)
Dated: Dax Shepard; actor; 2007
Dated: Lance Armstrong; professional road racing cyclist; 2008

Mother and Daughter

It appears that Goldie Hawn didn’t want her daughter to become an actress, or at least not as a child. She reluctantly, after losing a battle, allowed Kate to audition for a television series that never made it to production where she would have played a lead role and would have performed with Howie Mandel. Kate would have gotten the part, but Goldie Hawn turned it down and didn’t mention it to her until a year later.

Kate could have gotten her start in acting a couple of years earlier when she auditioned for a role in Escape from L.A. (1996). She got the part but turned it down because she didn’t want to be professionally associated with her step father Kurt Russell.

Though Kate and Goldie have never acted in the same production together, they started a production company with Kurt Russell and Oliver Hudson (Kate’s brother and Goldie’s son) in 2003 called Cosmic Entertainment.

Mom or Daughter: Who is/was hotter? Daughter – KATE HUDSON

Mom: Cheryl Ladd

Born Cheryl Jean Stoppelmoor on July 12, 1951 in Huron, SD

Daughter: Jordan Ladd

Born January 14, 1975 in Hollywood, CA

Father: David Ladd (producer and former actor)

cheryladd Take Two! The Hot Facts on Mother and Daughter Hotties in Hollywood


Best known for replacing Farrah Fawcett on the hit 1970s television mystery show Charlie’s Angles, Cheryl Ladd has had a very successful acting career. She’s also done a little professional singing, but acting is still her forte. She’s still active in the acting world and one of the most recent roles she’s played is on the television drama Las Vegas. She played the role of Jillian Deline.

In her personal life, all she has is the one daughter listed here with her. She is also an activist and is the celebrity ambassador for the child abuse prevention program called Childhelp. She’s been married twice. The first marriage was to actor and producer David Ladd (1974-1980) and is currently married to Brian Russell and has been since 1981.

jordanladd Take Two! The Hot Facts on Mother and Daughter Hotties in Hollywood


The camera is not a stranger to long time actress Jordan Ladd. She started appearing in commercials at the age of two when she was in a Polaroid commercial. Jordan got her start in movies before she even finished high school as she worked with her mother in a couple of films. For a while, Jordan went onto the independent film circuit and is still very active in her acting career.

She seems to keep her personal life very private, but we do know that she’s married to Conor O’Neill and has been since 2001.


Cheryl and Jordan have only been in two movies together and they were both a while ago, while Jordan was still in her teens. The first was a film called The Girl Who Came Between Us (1990), a made for television drama. The second and last film was in 1993 in another made for television drama film called Broken Promises: Taking Emily Back.

Mom or Daughter: Who is/was hotter? Daughter, but Cheryl was still hot! JORDAN LADD

Mom: Kathy Hilton

Born Kathleen Avanzino on March 13, 1959 in Whittier, CA

Daughter#1: Paris Hilton

Born February 17, 1981 in New York, NY

Daughter#2: Nicky Hilton

Born October 5, 1983 in New York, NY

Father: Richard Hilton (socialite and real estate broker)

kathyhilton Take Two! The Hot Facts on Mother and Daughter Hotties in Hollywood


In the 1970s, Kathy made a few television appearances under the stage name Kathy Richards and was also in a science fiction/ horror movie called The Dark (1979) under the same name.

In the 2000s, Kathy has appeared in many places as herself including selling products on the QVC shopping channel in 2002, appearing as a judge for the 2005 Miss Teen USA Pageant, and making an appearance (as herself) on an episode of The Young and the Restless in 2008.

She’s been married to the same man, Richard Hilton since 1979 and they have a total of four children together: Paris Whitney Hilton (born on February 17, 1981), Nicholai Olivia Hilton (born on October 5, 1983 and better known as Nicky), Barron Nicholas Hilton II (born November 7, 1989), and Conrad Hughes Hilton III (born on March 3, 1994).

parishilton Take Two! The Hot Facts on Mother and Daughter Hotties in Hollywood


The oldest of the four Hilton children, Paris is possible best known for her three season run of the reality show The Simple Life starring her and Nicole Richie. As a model, actress, musician, entrepreneur, and socialite, Paris has kept herself very busy and been in the limelight almost all the time. If she’s not being productive, she’s being destructive, but we’ll get to that later.

Paris has modeled for many campaign ads including Christian Dior, Guess, Iceberg Vodka, Marciano, and Tommy Hilfiger. She’s also appeared in countless magazines, made several guest appearances on various television shows as well as on her own reality and documentary shows.

Now for the trouble and scandals. First, it seems that Paris was a trouble maker even in high school. Surprised? I didn’t think so. She got into so much trouble that she was expelled, and later got her GED.

In 2006, she was pulled over for driving under the influence of alcohol and her driver’s license was suspended and she also received probation. In 2007, she was pulled over two different times for driving on a suspended license and reckless driving. Due to the violation in her probation, Paris was sentenced to 45 days in jail.

She’s also been victim to foul play. In 2003, a week before the debut of The Simple Life, a private sex video of her and her ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon mysteriously appeared in the internet. Despite her attempted legal action against the matter, this video was later released with a title One Night in Paris.

Paris’s LONG List of Relationships:

Boyfriend: Randy Spelling; actor; 1995
Boyfriend: Edward Furlong; actor; 1999-2000
Boyfriend: Leonardo DiCaprio; actor; 2000
Boyfriend: Rick Salomon; her “co-star” in the sex video and film producer (Hmmm, could that be a clue?); 2000
Boyfriend: Jason Shaw; actor; the two were engaged
Boyfriend: Nick Carter; singer; 2003-2004)
Boyfriend: Joe Francis; CEO and producer of Girls Gone Wild; 2004
Boyfriend: Jake Sumner; model; 2004-2005
Boyfriend: Simon Rex; actor; 2004
Boyfriend: Fred Durst; director, actor, musician; 2004
Boyfriend: Stavros Niarchos III; Greek heir; 2005-2006
Boyfriend: Eric MacArthur; actor; 2005
Boyfriend: Jack Osbourne; son of Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne; 2005-2006
Boyfriend: Mario Lopez; actor and television personality; 2006
Boyfriend: Jose Theodore; professional hockey player; 2006
Boyfriend: Andy Roddick; professional tennis player; 2006
Boyfriend: Josh Henderson; actor and singer; 2007
Boyfriend: Alex Vaggo; 2007
Boyfriend: Benji Madden; musician; 2008
Boyfriend: Chris DeWolfe; cofounder of Myspace.com; 2008-2009
Boyfriend: Doug Reinhardt; for now

nickyhilton Take Two! The Hot Facts on Mother and Daughter Hotties in Hollywood


Nicky, the tamer of the two Hilton sisters, is a fashion designer and entrepreneur. She launched her own line of clothing in 2004 called “Chick by Nicky” and released a new line in 2007 for more mature people called “Nicholai”. In between, she designed a line of handbags for a Japanese company from 2002 to 2005. In 2006, she formed a partnership with the plans to build two hotels; one in Miami and one in Chicago; however, in 2007, her partners sued her for breech of contract.

Nicky’s Marriage and Relationships:

Boyfriend: Marcus Schenkenberg; model, actor, singer, and writer; 2001-2002
Boyfriend: Ian Somerhalder; actor; 2003
Boyfriend: Joe Francis; CEO and producer of Girls Gone Wild; 2003
Husband: Todd Meister; businessman, married in August 2004 and annulled in November 2004
Boyfriend: Kevin Connelly; actor; 2005-2006
Boyfriend: David Katzenberg; actor; 2006-present

Mother and Daughters

First, let’s talk about what the sisters do together exclusively. In most of Nicky’s fashion shows, Nicky and Paris will open and close each show as models. But that’s not all they share. There’s one known boyfriend that they had in common, but it’s not believed to be at the same time. However, with Paris, you can never be too sure! The boyfriend is Joe Francis, ironically, the CEO of Girls Gone Wild.

All three are featured in the 2003 documentary entitled “It’s Good To Be…” The Hilton Sisters, Queens of Money. Kathy’s husband Richard also appears in it. Kathy appeared in 5 episodes of Paris’s show The Simple Life and Nicky appeared in 2.

In 2005, Kathy was to host a show called I Want to Be a Hilton and her daughters were also to be in it, but only one episode was made and the show was very unsuccessful. In 2008, the three of them also appeared in a documentary about the daily routine of Paris Hilton called Paris, Not France.

Mom or Daughter: Who is/was hotter? Daughter, definitely; but which one? It’s very close, but I would have to go with PARIS HILTON.

***Three Generations***

Grandmother: Tippi Hedren

Born January 19, 1930 in New Ulm, MN

Mother: Melanie Griffith

Born August 9, 1957 in New York City, NY

Father: Peter Griffith (actor and advertising executive)

Daughter: Dakota Johnson

Born October 4, 1989 in Austin,TX

Father: Don Johnson (actor)

tippi Take Two! The Hot Facts on Mother and Daughter Hotties in Hollywood


Tippi Hedren was a fashion model in the 1950s and 1960s and has been an actress since 1963. Tippi also had a bit part in one movie in 1950, but that was it until her role in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie The Birds (1963).

Tippi’s Marriages:

Husband: Peter Griffith; actor and advertising executive; 1952-1961
Husband: Noel Marshal; talent agent and producer; 1964-1982
Husband: Luis Barrenecha; businessman; 1985-1995
Husband: Martin Dinnes; veterinarian; 2002-present

melanie Take Two! The Hot Facts on Mother and Daughter Hotties in Hollywood


Melanie had her acting debut when she was only nine months old in a commercial, but she didn’t have her film debut until she was 12 years old and appeared as an extra in the 1969 movie Smith!. In 1973, she was an extra in the movie The Harrad Experiment and though she was underage, she and 22 year old Don Johnson began to date. When she turned 18, they married but the marriage only lasted six months. She later remarried Johnson in 1989.

In 1975, Melanie was in her first major role in the movie Night Moves where she had several nude scene despite the fact that she was only 17 years old. Perhaps her best known role was as Tess McGill in the movie Working Girl (1988) where she played opposite Harrison Ford.

Griffith has three children: Alexander Bauer (his father is Steven Bauer), Dakota Johnson (her father is Don Johnson), and Stella Banderas (her father is Antonio Banderas).

Melanie’s Marriages:

Husband: Don Johnson; actor; married in 1976 for 6 months
Husband: Steven Bauer; actor 1981-1987
Husband: Don Johnson; actor 1989-1996
Husband: Antonio Banderas; actor; 1996

dakotajohnson Take Two! The Hot Facts on Mother and Daughter Hotties in Hollywood


Dakota is fairly new on the scene and became a professional fashion model last year with IMG Model. She also posed for Vogue magazine. This year, in 2009, Dakota is doing an advertising campaign for MANGO jeans.


Tippi and Melanie: First generation mother and daughter

This mother/ daughter pair has been in a few different movies together: The Harrad Experiment (1973), Roar (1981), and Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985).

Dakota and Melanie: Second generation mother and daughter

Melanie and Dakota were in Dakota’s film debut in 1999 together in a movie called Crazy in Alabama. In 1975, Melanie became Miss Golden Globe, an annual award given to the child of an actor or actress.

Of course both of Melanie’s parents were actors (Peter Griffith and Tippi Hedren). In 2006, Dakota won the same award for her parents’ fame (Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith). Dakota was the first person to receive this award that was a second generation award winner.

The other fate the two share is more serious. In the late 1980s, Melanie checked herself into a rehab clinic for drug and alcohol abuse. In December 2007, it was announced that Dakota was just coming out of a 30 day stay in a rehab clinic for drug and alcohol abuse.

Grandma, Mom, or Daughter: Who is/was hotter? It’s a tie between Grandma TIPPI HEDREN and her granddaughter DAKOTA JOHNSON.

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