9 Sequels That Ruined The Original Films

This is a follow-up to the 9 Worst Third Sequels of a Trilogy.

Studios love franchises. It’s easy money for them. Most of the time, we love them too, hence why studios keep making them. Whether the franchise is a trilogy (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings) or a cash cow (Rocky, Indiana Jones, or any horror movie), there are the good, the bad and the ugly.

Sometimes Hollywood makes a franchise out of movies that never deserved a film in the first place, we’re talking about the likes of The Skulls, Legally Blond, Bring It On, The Cutting Edge, etc. It was bad enough that there was one of them, but sequels of these flicks should be classified as a form of torture worse than water-boarding. Then, there’s the franchise that completely ruined a perfectly good movie. Here’s the nine franchises that accomplished that feat.

9. Lake Placid 2 & 3


The original 1999 film wasn’t a great movie, but the fact that Betty White played a crazy crocodile lady, who was responsible for killing quit a few people, made it awesome. Of course, the ending set up a sequel perfectly, but, that doesn’t mean that it had to actually happen. What made the sequels even worse was that they were both made for the Sci-Fi channel.

8. The Transporter 2 & 3


The Transporter had a rather simplistic plot. Jason Statham is a former Special Forces op, who will transport anything, anywhere, no questions asked. After breaking one of his rules, never opening a package, his former hirer tries to blow him up. Obviously, action and chaos ensues. OK, a pretty cheesy flick, but worth watching on rainy day. Sequels, on the other hand, were utterly useless. I mean, how many times can we watch Jason Statham whip his BMW, later on Audi, around while kicking dudes in the face?

7. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End


Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, was based on a Disney ride, but proved to be an enjoyable, popcorn film. It’s success naturally forced the cast to sign on for two more films. The sequels, Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End, were shot back to back. Because the original cast was involved, the sequels had to tie into Black Pearl, and forced a linear storyline. The result was a tangled mess. While Dead’s Man Chest lost me a little, I was completely confused with At World’s End. I still have no clue what that film was about. The fourth film, On Stranger Tides, began filming in June of 2010, with only Johnny Deep and Geoffrey Rush returning. Perhaps they can redeem the series.

6. American Wedding and all of the Presents


American Pie pushed the boundaries between humor and disgust, which made it hysterical. The sequel was so-so, so it should have ended right then and there. But, the series continued with American Wedding, which was like a house guest who had long worn out their welcome. Was a trilogy enough? Of course not. It seems like ever year the studio pushes out another American Pie Presents. There are currently four of them, Band Camp, The Naked Mile, Beta House, and The Book of Love, which tie in very loosely to the original. It’s been rumored that a third sequel to the first film is in pre-production.

5. Home Alone 3 and 4


I still enjoy Home Alone, even Lost in New York. Come on, admit it. You do too. The first two were so popular that they made a nonsense third Home Alone, with completely different characters. It was so bad, that someone thought, let’s just make a third film with Kevin McCallister. Problem was that Kevin in real life had already been married and divorced, so he was a bit too old to be left home alone. So, an all new cast was hired to reprise our favorite characters, including French Stewart replacing Daniel Stern as dimwit, wet-bandit Marv.

4. Superman III and IV: The Quest for Peace


I’m not a Superman fan at all, but I can be man enough to admit that the first two films are awesome. They set the bar for future comic book movies. Then, they made a third one with Richard Pryor as some sort of embezzling hacker who is blackmailed into giving The Man of Steel some kryptonite as a gift, but, instead of killing him, makes him a dick. What? Things went from bad to worse when the rights went to the low budget studio, Canon Films, for Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. Sups hasn’t been the same since.

3. Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice and Slap Shot 3: The Junior League


I bet you didn’t even know that they made a sequel to one of the greatest sports movies ever, did you? But, they did, and it starred Stephen Baldwin. There was no need for a sequel, let alone, a third installment. To make matters worse it was written by the guy who penned American Pie Presents Band Camp, and Road Trip 2, so he knows a thing or two about tarnishing original films.

2. The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions


Love it or hate, The Matrix changed the movie business. And, it kind of screwed with our heads. It was everything that a movie should. It was unique, thought-provoking, action packed, and had amazing special effect. Then came the sequels, which were so awful, that it made some of us question if the first film was actually that good, or just hype. They sequels were filmed at once, but lacked an overall consistency in story-lines. It was almost as if the Wachowski brothers just wanted to see if they could top the effects and action from The Matrix, which means, they neglected the plot.

1. Jaws 2, Jaws 3-D, and Jaws The Revenge


Jaws is one of the greatest movies ever, we all know it. Jaws 2, not much so. In fact, Roy Scheider only did the sequel to end a contractual issue with Universal, and was pretty unhappy during filming. After our favorite Chief sailed off into the horizon, they made Jaws 3-D (in 3-D!) and Jaws The Revenge, where great whites track down and try to kill the Brody bloodline. Who knew sharks were so vindictive? And, that studio executives were that clueless?

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