Wanna Fly In Outer Space? Here’s Why it Might Not Be a Good Idea

Weightlessness and the human condition may be a tantalizing combination, but that is mostly when you are on the Starship Enterprise led by Captain Kirk and his crew. The fabled sci-fi adventure fantasy does not reflect the intense physiological stress that astronauts really suffer in space and the terrible ramifications it has on human bodies and minds.


We all know the many exciting reasons people love the idea of flying into outer space. An unknown frontier, a sense of discovery and innovation, that’s all fine and good.

While the sailors aboard Columbus’s three ships suffered from scurvy and other unromantic diseases borne from ignorance, galactic cosmic rays assault the new age pioneers and make their bones shrink and muscles waste away. (In Columbus’s vocabulary, fear of falling off the edges of the earth, which was the common belief of his day, was probably just as bad, but a much quicker process).

More and more, astronauts are increasing the time they spend in orbit and with this must come an understanding of how human health is affected by a weightless, high-vacuum environment with heavy temperature swings and high-energy radiation.

Canadian astronaut, Bob Thirsk, is expected to spend 6 months floating through the stratosphere and he will witness first hand both the short – and long-term –  health effects of traveling in space while aboard the International Space Station.


Thirsk, along with an international group of physician-astronauts, has published a series of articles in the Canadian Medical Association Journal chronicling the space flight experience. One of the articles examines specifically the environmental impact of outer space on the human body. How to counteract these effects is a question that must be answered before astronauts can even attempt a mission to Mars.

One of the after-effects includes one lovely thing known as Puffy-Face-Bird Leg syndrome. Body fluids travel towards the torso and the head during launch and this often results in a distended jugular vein, headaches and persistent nasal congestion. Motion sickness (aka space sickness) also often occurs during the first few days in space.

Stomach “awareness” and vomiting among other equally pleasant symptoms are associated with this condition. This is due to the fact there is a conflict between what the eyes tell the brain about bodily position in space and the contrary story the inner ear is telling on that same subject. Inside a space ship, the eyes tell the viewer there is no movement but the inner ear knows that there is.

Space sickness is technically no different from any other forms of travel sickness, and the normal medications taken to alleviate the similar motion problems respond just as effectively against it. The space shuttle causes more space sickness only because travelers are asked not to take anti-sickness medication so that they can record the results.

After three months in space, some muscle atrophy can occur and astronauts can lose as much as 30% of their muscle mass. It takes several months on earth to recover the loss but it can be done. There is also an increased risk of bacterial or viral infections as a space flight can re-activate latent viruses.

Immune systems are altered when astronauts return to earth, and months of living on a space station can lead to an 8-12 percent loss in bone density which can take up to three years to rebuild!


Other health factors involved in space travel include psychological stress, disrupted circadian timelines, temperature extremes and ambient noise, which can lead to hearing loss, impaired concentration, sleep interruption and general fatigue.

Astronauts are also exposed to high-energy radiation from galactic cosmic rays and solar flares. Over exposure can kill cells and damage DNA, which may lead to cancer and an increased risk of cataracts.

Like every issue in the world, there are two sides, and there are some health benefits of living in zero gravity. Such activity can alleviate back pain and improve blood circulation.

It is also speculated that many surgeries could be easier and safer if performed in zero surgery, which may result in “space hospitals.” (Can you even imagine what that would cost considering how much hospitals charge today?) Safe tourism in space is another end result of determining the effects of living in space.

So whether you believe in outer, inner or just plain gimme space, there are things to consider before embarking on a space travel adventure.

Bon voyage to all who dare.

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  1. G. Grissom says:

    We've never flown a man into outer space because it's impossible with current technology. The highest a man has even flown from the earth is 850 miles (Gemini 11, 1966). The Apollo missions were faked which is why no one has put a man up past Gemini in the 40+ years since then. Us and the Russians both sent chimps and dogs up past low earth orbit and they all came back dead.

    The radiation past low earth orbit is far too much for any mammal to survive. You know how you always hear about how important the ozone layer is because it protects us from the radiation in outer space? Well, it's true.

    • Y. Gagarin says:

      Dear G. Grissom,

      Are you completely out of your mind? I think so.

    • John says:

      You are a cunt.

    • Bradley Rex says:

      20% of Americans do not believe we landed astronauts on the moon. But 16% believe the sun revolves around the earth, and that the earth is flat. So the bottem line is these retards are more or less proof that it did happen. Ignore them , or have Buzz punch them.

    • Bryan Shealy says:

      The reason we have never traveled back to the moon is because it is not economically viable. We did it once to beat the Russians in a space race during the cold war. What did it do? It bankrupted the entire soviet empire. I wonder why we haven't traveled back yet? could it be the huge debt that America is in right now?

    • MJF says:

      LOL ya right we have sent man into space. That is why we have TV/SAts. Gezz the moon is only 250,000 miles away from earth. Also the rays are blocked by the space ship. Why not take a trip to NASA and take a trip it will cost a lot of money but you can do it. Pay the cash and you will go. But I am not saying you will make it they have made (mistakes happen) but you can fly. It will take a while and a lot of training. But before you go and say it is a lie……. Get proff that it is and post it!!! Here.

  2. bob says:

    quote : The Apollo missions were faked
    hahahah too funny …

  3. Mattias says:

    Grissom: Oh please stop it, you crack me up. 😀 Such ignorance!

  4. tapius says:


  5. A. Einstein says:

    G. Grissom. You are obviously a fictitious Bot generated by a computer. In other words, a fake.

  6. John Wayne says:

    IF they were faked the russians would have called it out. You think they would sit quietly about us faking a moon landing and beating them??

  7. CSI Miami says:

    Space madness! Nothing but space madness!

  8. It was a soundstage on mars

  9. Alogon says:

    No, he's right!
    This whole internet thing is a fake too! It's all really stored in W.O.P.R. in Cheyenne Mountain. Matthew Broderick is gonna bust the whole thing wide open!
    The government, man!

  10. G. Grissom says:

    How violently the sheople react when the lies of their leaders are exposed! That's why they call them sheople — they don't know and don't want to know and will get angry if you tell them.

    We never went — no human has even gone higher than 850 miles from earth. Sorry, kids, your government is a bunch of liars. We went 200,000 miles from earth *six times* 40 years ago but haven't been able to send a man past 850 miles *once* since then? That makes sense.

    With computers 1,000,000 times weaker than today's we not only traveled to the moon but had men *walk* on it — yet with today's microchips we can't put a guy 850 miles from earth?

    So gullible, so tragically gullible.

    • Warrick Brown says:

      I came back from the dead to confirm that G. Grissom recently suffered a bite from a rare Martian hissing shit beetle he kept in the house. As a result of this he has become oligophrenic (mentally retarded) and now spouts asinine comments about how the moon landing was faked. He also eats his own shit and brushes his teeth with dirty Q-tips.

    • C-B says:

      Wow, that's a really good point. I guess if they really had been able to land on the moon 40 years ago with the technology they had then then my iPhone should be able to get me to at least Mars by now. The microchip really is the only factor involved in space travel.

    • SCIENCE says:

      You need to read up into real science. You have so many misconceptions, i cant even begin to tell you where you're wrong… but i'll try briefly.

      I'll say, this radiation you're afraid of. turn off all lights, because those emit radiation too. All kinds are not bad for you, and some at low exposures for periods of time will also not pose a statistically big risk.

      Who cares about microprocessors you cite. They don't propel a craft out of earth's gravity well.That is the single most difficult problem. Propelling your ship there and back. It's a LOT cheaper to just hang out in an orbit on the ISS. With the moon being the confirmed wasteland that it is, there are better uses for our money than visiting it again

      We only went to the moon as a giant cock wave to the USSR. Once to do it, a second time to prove it wasn't luck.

      Now, going back to those microprocessors you mention. We're sending machines to distant places because it's so incredibly cheaper. No return trip. No oxygen, climate control, feeding, and other bio-requirements.

      SCIENCE, it works bitches.

  11. Caden says:

    Bah, sailing the Atlantic was once too risky. Give us the technology and enough incentive and all those problems will be solved.
    Of course the dumb people in the world hold us back (see Grissom above) and promote poor education for the rest. Humanities biggest obstacle to space travel is not technological its the lower end of the human gene pool dragging the whole race down.

  12. G Grissom is a tool says:

    Don’t feed the troll.

  13. G. Grissom says:

    Yo my sheeps: keep your eyes open for the next 10 years.

    If NASA (nor anyone else) doesn't put a man past Gemini 11's 851 miles from Earth, then maybe a few sheep will start to baa questions like: Uncle Sugar, why is it that we put men on the surface of the moon 50 years ago, but haven't put men the distance from Chicago to New Orleans away from the earth in the half century since then?

    • C-B says:

      I think given the current situation with a large recession, multiple wars, and a large number of American corporations failing your "sheople" would complain more if the government were to use their money for these pursuits now.

  14. G. Grissom says:

    Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me on the moon because man is unencumbered by gravity there — just ask all the guys who walked on it!

  15. Brian K says:

    Why are we spending so much fucking money on this space program anyway? What is the direct benefit to me?

    Fuck space travel. Give me a 1gbps fiber to the home connection or universal healthcare or solar power on everyones roof or something fucking useful for a change.

    • Corey says:

      Where do you think advances in the technologies you mention came from?!

      Here's a short list;

    • STATISTICS says:

      So much money on NASA? You should Educate yourself…..

      So I'm eyeing up from this nice visual source's bottom right:

      Combining Military / Nat. Security Discretionary / Veteran benefits
      958 BILLION
      (26.7% of our budget; that's .267)
      18.6 Billion
      (1/2 of 1% of our budget. That's .005)

      Now… we spent 3,590 Billion (that's 3.5 Trillion), and we borrowed 1,400 Billion (1.4 Trillion) of our budget. THAT is whats messed up, we borroed 39% of our budget.

      Holy shit.

      Personally, the military is the sink on our debts. Year over year, they always want more. Tell me again why do we need to spend more on our military than the rest of the world combined?

    • John L says:

      @Brian K. I think this is actually a very important point you're making, albeit crudely. As a physicist who works for the Navy's Spacecraft Engineering dpt., my stock answer to this has always been Corey's. And he's right: nearly every technology we have today was invented half a century ago, and has simply gotten better and cheaper over the last several decades. Really, nothing new has been developed (medical imaging, cell phone tech, gps, fiber optics, microprocessors, etc). But…….does it really make sense to pour money into an overly bureaucratic space program? Why not just spend the money on pure research for solar tech, batteries, communications, etc….?

      I guess my answer to this would be public support, i.e. it'd be easier to get a "fuck yeah! let's go to mars!" than a "fuck yeah!, let's work on increasing electron mobility in silicon solar cells!"

      But…. I do think it is getting more and more difficult to justify the kind of $ that NASA is burning through every year.

    • STATISTICS says:

      Dont forget, NASA had a huge part in getting you a lot of your cool technology you want off the ground.

      Solar panels have been heavily funded by nasa.
      Lasers advances (for your fiber optics)
      THE MICROCHIP, for the apollo program.
      CAT scanners, so your tumor's can be located.
      GPS? Yeah, they were put up in part by nasa.

      the list just goes on for things that NASA's helped to fund. Things people can use.

      Defense Spending on the other hand…. that just ends up largely classified.

    • We Wu Wei says:

      Right on. Let's take care of ourselves first, before we address fantasy. Renewable energy, clean water, food for everyone and the removal of corporate person-hood is a damn good starting point. Space can be oh… after that. Good post Brian K.

  16. LuftWaffle says:

    Grissom I have a few questions for you.
    What about the 1000 lbs of moon rocks that have been brought back. They have been tested in labs across the world and are accepted as not from the earth.
    What about the 20+ countries capitalist, communist and neutral that tracked the path of the apollo 11 flight?
    What about the equipment left on the moon that helps us determine the exact distance from the moon to the earth?
    You keep mentioning the Gemini 11 program but, you have no proof that the moon landings were faked. What is ur evidence to back up ur claim.

    Before you go all psycho on everyone, you should also check out the mythbusters episode on this.

  17. Maybe Grissom can bring another article of proof that the landings were faked. The only thing he apparently can dredge up is the distance we've traveled away from earth since the moon landings.

    Point of fact the reason nobody wants to go to the moon is that there is nothing there, we took samples, and studied the walks on it but it was pretty much just dirt. The only reason to go to the moon was because it was a political battle between the Russians and the Americans. Just look up the mission badge for Apollo 11, its a god damn bald eagle landing on the moon.

    Another reason is that we're not really that interested in what life is like in low gravity environments, we're interested in what life is like in zero gravity and thusly only experiment there. We don't need to go past the moon for that.

    The last point I'll bring up is, simply money. NASA doesn't have enough money to waste building vehicles to take its personnel out past the moon every time.

    I too once entertained the possibility of the faked landing but after reviewing a number of articles I'm fairly certain that the "fake moon landing" is in fact, fake.

  18. The Truth says:

    G. Grissom is right. we have been fed lies, and only the rightous have the fortitude to see through them! the truth is that some of the most compelling evidence supporting the apollo missions- namely rocks that don't exist on earth- have been provided to our government by the Celestions, an ancient race of extraterrestrials.

  19. The Truth says:

    The Celestions arrived on the moon 1968 by our calender and within a year had determined that our world would not accept them. However, with resources on their ship being finite they had no choice but to strike a deal with the american government, an extremely confidential treaty codenamed: "ET Phone Home" or "the ET Treaty".

  20. The Truth says:

    The United States government agreed to grant the vagabon Celestions asylum and equality. knowing the US could not force other countries to comply with this agreement, the Celestions promised to subtley help the US achieve world domination (this is one of the reasons i moved from British Colombia to Washington). This explains the why we "beat" the russians to the moon, despite having less effective equipment, we never did beat them, and the Celestions helped sabotage Russian efforts.

  21. The Truth says:

    As to why the Celestions chose the US government is somewhat speculation. I like to believe it is because they percieved The US as the largest threat, worried that if we did manage to beat the russians into space then we would act hostile towards them.
    This is the truth, i understand it is hard to believe but i worked as a Canadian Agent for 20 years and it was my job to infiltrate and retrieve high level documents without detection, and i was good at my job.

  22. Alexandre L says:

    The 850 miles is to bring down the cost of manned flight. if we want to study the ocean. we don't need to always go to the farthest point from the land base. The same principle applies here, we just don't need to go near the moon to study the effects of weightlessness, we have to find a proper altitude to conduct the test with the greatest bang for the buck. One thing we also need to understand, when you go to the moon you don't need a massive computer, you need a massive rocket booster. Once you calculate the kinematics and dynamics, you need the rocket to launch you there, and that's all the Apollo program was about. There and back again, even without a single Iphone.

  23. G. Grissom says:


    The reflectors were put on the moon by unmanned lunar flights. No one disputes that these have been made many times.

    As for other countries tracking the flight and not speaking up about it — incorrect. The Russians at the time knew we were faking, and said so in their newspapers and on their television. They had beaten us in almost every aspect of the space race — first to put a man in orbit, first to put an unmanned probe on the moon, etc. — and then all of a sudden — BAM! Holy grail — America puts a man on the moon!

    Super Yuri —

    How about this: how about just once, we (or someone else) puts a man outside of low earth orbit? Again, this is only about 1,200 miles up. The distance from Chicago to Miami. It's not far at all.

    Yet at no time — with the alleged exception of the six Apollo missions from 1969-72 — has a single human being ever flown that far from the earth. Not once! This is not disputed by anyone.

    If the purpose of having a space program is to explore space, then why have we (and the Russians, and the Europeans, and the Chinese, and the Japanese) done nothing for the past 40 years since Apollo but send ships up 350 miles from earth to orbit hundreds of times?

    The sour grapes explanation for this glaring anomaly is that there's no reason to go. Why does anyone buy that? It's obviously suspicious. Obama says with Project Constellation that we want to go back to the moon by 2020 (although he's retreated from that in recent weeks). They keep pushing back the date we're going to "go back" to the moon.

    The Apollo missions were great examples of Plato's "noble lie" concept. Our leaders felt they had to lie to us for our own good — namely, they feared that the Soviets, emboldened by their space race victories, might be tempted to attack us militarily. In order to discourage this, a huge achievement in space was faked.

    And there weren't even thousands of people that had to be in on it — just a couple hundred at the very top. Those who were chosen were chosen carefully — and governments have ways of getting rid of those that speak up. My namesake, for example, was murdered on the launchpad because he had begun to start talking about how impossible it was for Apollo to get to the moon.

    Don't believe it? His wife and son both believed NASA had murdered him for exactly that reason. Google "Gus Grissom" and the word "lemon" if you want to take the red pill.

    • Seau Serias says:

      Tell us about 9-11. I heard that was the government, could it be possible.

      Thanks for opening my eyes! You are soooo smart! I'm no sheeple!

    • Indeed He's a Tool says:

      I dare you to say these things looking directly into the eyes of Neil Armstrong, or Buzz Aldrin. Either one of them, specifically, will then do something to you that will make you believe, with all of your soul, that Chuck Norris is a limp-wristed fashion designer. *chuckle*
      Have a great day!

  24. PiddlyD says:

    The Americas are a myth. Columbus sailed right off the edge of the world, along with the rest of his crew. The earth is not a globe. It is flat, and the center of the universe. The America myth was faked by Spain and England.

  25. Boxxie says:


  26. Tom says:

    You can put a conspiracy guy on the moon and he will still claim he is not actually there.
    It doesn't matter how much proof and compelling evidence you show a conspiracy theorist, they will always disagree.

  27. dude says:

    Grissom you have no idea about spaceflight, don't even try! go watch Fox-News!

  28. G. Grissom says:

    I don't even need to see a guy on the moon, Tom. Just send one 1,000 miles from Earth. Not the full 200,000, just 1/200th of that. I'm waiting.

    You can tell a sheep anything and he'll believe it, as long as you are wearing coat and tie, are on television, and are a high-ranking government official. You can tell them fantastic stories — stories about walking on the moon!

  29. Tom says:

    A conspiracy theorist will argue with NASA, Nobel-prize winners and every expert in the world despite having fewer qualifications than the average cook.
    The only proof you have Grissom is a few clipped together youtube videos played to techno music.

    • G. Grissom says:

      Our government wouldn't lie to us! Other governments do — but not ours.

      For the Big Lie (later exposed by Sec. McNamara, Adm. Stockdale et al.) our government was telling us in 1968, Google "Tonkin Gulf Incident." That was a lie they told us that killed 60,000 Americans, cost hundreds of billions of dollars, tore the country apart for a decade — and, oh yeah, also killed untold millions of Southeast Asians.

      And if you'd pointed out that the Tonkin Gulf incident never happened — which was later admitted — there'd be stoogers like poster Tom saying, "What? You're going to argue with the US military, Nobel Peace Prize winners (like Kissinger) and other experts?"

      Yes, and I'd have been right. That was 1968.

      Guess what the big lie they told in 1969 was?

      Hint: Tom *still* believes it! lol

  30. Totally not a troll says:

    I've got a question for you Mr Grissom,

    What about the recent pictures taken by the LRO recently? You know, the ones that show the landing sites for the Apollo missions and the footprints on the ground at the Apollo 14 site?

    And please, site some kind of source. All you've done so far is rant and rave about how high we've gone but have yet to say anything substantial. I'd love to see where the Russians said it was fake.

  31. TheGrays says:

    Men did land on the moon and we have the pictures WE took to prove it (oh and the results of Neil's anal probe too We're just the sentimental types)…..

  32. Carl_Sagan says:

    I'd really, really like to believe that the United States sent manned space flight to the moon, but I can't honestly say I'm convinced without doubt. I saw this a few years ago, and i said okay yea sensational documentary…
    But honestly, i have to doubt when there is evidence of manipulated TV theatrics. If I was faking a trip to the moon, I would also have built up stock footage of the earth as well for later broadcast. And lord knows I wouldn't dream of airing much of anything live. It will be interesting to see what is divulged over the next twenty years. As it stands we still don't even know the full extent of deaths caused in the cosmonaut program due to the stupid cold war space race.

  33. MIB says:

    Omg The Truth I believe you! And then Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones became friends with them and saved the Universe in the marble thing. Crazy times.

  34. MIB says:

    And they proved it on Mythbusters that we were on the moon…and Mythbusters is more legit than you G. Grissom.

  35. aaronwoodard says:

    I registered just to say this:
    Obvious troll is obvious.

  36. Alan b says:

    I can't believe people are still fanning this moon landing hoax. It is people who watch Fox News who are afraid of going to the moon or afraid of anything that might suggest an idea out of their comfort zone that believe these things. They are afraid of progress, afraid of the government, afraid of being proved wrong and they will stick to their guns even if someone kicked them to the moon and poured moon dust in their eyes and mouths.

    Here's a nice site that debunks the photo anomalies that people claim and being a photographer myself, I saw through all the silly moon hoaxsters instantly.

  37. John says:

    G. Grissom. You say all you want is 1,000 miles from Earth as proof. Even if they did it just for you to see, you would say their proof was a hoax. How much more proof do you want that it was real?

  38. HistoryGeek says:

    Columbus did not think the world was flat. It was common knowledge that the world was round, he just miscalculated the circumference of the world, which is why no one would finance him because navigation experts said he would die in the middle of the ocean because of inadequate boats and supply storage, i.e. run out of food. The Greeks knew the world was round and this knowledge was not lost to Europe years later. This is a common myth that is often taught still in high schools.

  39. Singe says:

    I love how conspiracy theorists always claim their pet theories are true because "the government lies to us", as if this fact means the government always lies to us all the time about everything.

    Saddam Hussein is secretly running the USA from his invisible Antarctic base! The government denies this, thus proving it to be true because the government lies!

  40. Andrew J says:

    LOL! It’s really amazing how silly some people can be. Why is it so hard for some people to believe that we sent men to the moon?

    Sending men to the moon isn’t that far a stretch from putting men in orbit around the Earth. It didn’t actually require more advanced technology than what it takes to put people in orbit. It just required a larger rocket (more thrust)- this was necessary to put into orbit around the Earth the added payload that were being sent to the Moon. The hard part was always going to be building the new rocket that could safely deliver the thrust needed to get the heavier payload into orbit around the Earth. Once in Earth’s orbit, the rest of the mission was just math and physics. The earlier unmanned Apollo missions were done to test the rocket and the math. To get the orbiting rocket on its way to the moon, a trans lunar insertion maneuver is typically used to change the low Earth orbit to an elliptical orbit that intersects with the path of the moon.

    As amazing as the lunar landings were, we’ve done a myriad of technologically more advanced things in space since – things that could not be done using technology from the Apollo period. For example, we now have fully automated spacecraft utilizing the latest in circuit technology, capable of traveling millions of miles to multiple destinations and, upon arrival, insert themselves into orbit, undergo additional maneuvers (eg. reposition solar cells or land a surface rover), take pictures, run scans and take measurements using cutting edge technology…and we can even reprogram their actions from right here on Earth.

    We’re learning a lot from the experiences of the crew of the ISS – valuable information that will enable us to plan well for a future Mars mission. A Mars mission is infinitely harder than a Moon mission because it’s so far away. If Mars was as close as the Moon we would have been there already. Instead, anyone who goes there has to essentially be able to live there permanently. If we didn’t value human life, we could send someone to Mars today using our current technology – they’d just die there when their supplies ran out. It’s not going to Mars that is difficult, it’s the preservation of the lives of those who go that is the challenge.

  41. Thank you all for your most interesting comments!

  42. Paul says:

    I love how people like Grissom are so incredibly full of themselves.

    The very fact that you feel the need to call people with dissenting views as "sheople" and making obscure references to The Matrix, tells me that your nothing but a raging nut.

    Yes Russia initially said we did not make it to the moon. Is it not possible that was just as much a piece of false propaganda for their own citizens, much like you insist our government lied to us? Also, there were many many other nations who tracked the shuttles. Not just Russia. Neutral ones as well.

    Also, we have moon rocks. If you dispute their legitimacy as not being from the earth, then your a lost cause who does not do any valid research.

    You have no proof of your claims, just vague assumptions that dont have any solid concrete proof. The reason we have not left low earth orbit again is simply because the only thing within a reasonable distance of earth is the moon, and it has already been stated that there is simply nothing valuable there. The only other option is mars, and I can guarantee you it will be accomplished within the next 40 years.

    You keep insisting we go beyond 850 miles from the Earth. What bloody reason would we have to spend that kind of money, unless we were going to Mars? NASA budget is hardly large enough to send a mission into space purely to satisfy the likes of you.

    Lastly, just because you can connect the dots in your own special way, does not mean your correct. You want to believe so bad that your the keeper of special knowledge, its pathetic.

    Let me ask you, even if we sent a man past the 850 mile mark, what possible proof would you accept that it happened? Clearly news stories, non-earth samples, video feeds, the testimony of thousands involved, and new data gained from such an endeavour, hols absolutely no weight with you.

    What WOULD you accept as proof?

  43. Jonathan says:

    The Ancient Greeks knew that the earth was round in the 4th century B.C.E. The idea that the earth was flat was not a "common belief" in the 15th century. It existed, yes, but it was a minority opinion.

    • RMims says:

      As a side note.. if our a god fairing christen, your bible also describes the earth as being round.

  44. Andrew says:

    The idea that the earth was flat wasn't the common belief in Columbus' day. The Greeks knew the earth was round thousands of years before him, as did the Chinese and the Indians. In fact, the Catholic church was the only group of people who believed such nonsense.

  45. Tricky Dick says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,Yes you've been fed lies.. so many that you can't tell what is truth and what is fiction. The moon landings did occur, specifically because we performed the same trick numerous times. The Russians would have been more than happy to point out that we faked it, had we actually faked it, yet we did it numerous times?!!!

    You should have been a little more attuned to the conspiracy in the 'mushroom cloud' that Sadaam supposedly threatened your puny little lives with (Like how in the hell were SCUDS supposed to reach North America when they couldn't hit Israel with accuracy?).

    Oh and while we're at it, how is the stock market on the trajectory that it is with relatively little or no fix since last fall? So we can build the same house of cards? Urry out and buy real estate, now!

  46. Xizenaroth says:

    To be fair with you all your all just going nuts with this, some things i had to agree with and others i had to disagree with, then eventually i just had to shake me head. You all contradict each other, the best thing to do is just wait and see what happens. We have been in space who cares how far, the main plan was to see space and we did, now because of the chances of dieing are so high we use our technology to take our place. We use technology for many things to take our place, I.E bomb disposers which are used in the army. We have millions of satellites orbiting the earth, so theres your proof its round, dunno why people are going on about its flat for… and the fake moon landing, who cares, the moon is just a big rock… i really don't see the inspiring effect it has on people. I don't really care if anyone has set foot on it, at this moment in time space travel is extremly difficult and stuff like this shouldnt even pass our minds until its possible to actually get out there and explore properly. At this moment in time it is just a waiting game and alot of countries just prefer sending up satellites to explore in our place, which is easier, safer and with the technology we have, alot more logical. We humans have one planet and well we should be looking out for the planet first before looking into space because without the planet were not guna get into space… and exploring space is still just a dream until we find a way to get out there. Just sit back and get on with our lives until something is discovered, there is plenty of people working on it so it shouldnt bother us.

  47. Tourist says:

    This is not intended to insult anyone's intelligence. I, too am in the process of discovery, and debunking. American astronauts have testified about the effects of attempted space travel i.e. the high levels of radiation entering their skulls. They can try, and try, but the truth is that no living organism (humans, most importantly) can travel past (research this yourself, very easy to find) the Van Allen radiation belt. In addition, our experts also know, and admit that space is empty, therefore there is nothing, no air, no mass, for the rockets, and thrusters to propel the ship into outer space. Unless they have powerful enough rockets, which they did not possess in the 60's, they can't count on "thrusters," 'cause there's nothing to push against! The pilots would not be able to maneuver the ship with the precision needed for successful exploration. The best thing that can be done would be to gain enough mementum for the unmanned vehicle to float towards whatever the target may be. Common sense is proof enough for me.

  48. Dr. J says:

    Hi, I'm Dr. J from the not so distant future past. I agree, man never walked on the moon, Lincoln was never assassinated, Hitler was actually a peaceful being and Lady Gaga is the illegitimate love child of Marilyn Manson and Madonna. An alien from Planet RX782 has confirmed. Shine your flashlight on a hobo to reach this reference.