Unique Visions of Cyber Chores, Harmony and Love by Franz Stainer

Significant advances in technology coupled with the human fascination for robots and cyber beings of all types keep scientists pushing the envelope when it comes to developing new and different ways high-performance inventions can interface with our daily lives. Read on for more about a futuristic vision that may or may not ever come to be. Still, chill out, as cyber-bots intercept with us in every intimate aspect of human existence from eating to sex to watering plants to mind games!

For many scientists, the fascination with robots is a life-long obsession. In this case, the line between fantasy and reality need never be drawn, as it is the human imagination that creates the new dynamics of robot movement and interaction. More and more, robots are living and working side by side and in some cases are even interchangeable with humans. (Consider robots that do housework, water plants, etc). But how will this affect the future?

Technology has advanced many visions once considered reserved for the realm of science fiction. Consider some of these artistic, computer-generated renditions of robot/human interaction designed by Franz Stainer. Below, a game of chess has unpredictable results.

Forget about where you can find such a robot, but you can dream, can’t you? Cyber creatures can work and play and have several advantages over human workers. They don’t need bathroom breaks or respond to distractions. They are highly efficient machines who do not spend time at the water cooler exchanging the vitals on gossip concerning who is doing what to whom and where.

Robots can keep house better than most of us (unless you are married to a Stepford wife or are one yourself). No procrastinations or difficulties with even the most boring chores will ever occur when a robot undertakes them.

The thought of cyber sex is quite another matter and perhaps is best left to another time and place.

Still, the thought persists (sort of). What would happen if…

You finish that sentence. I have to go water my plants.

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