How to write an impressive resume

You have a good academic record, you are consistent personnel through out your studies, you have taken many projects, you stand first in many areas but still unemployed, and you are not getting an interview call from the employers. The reason behind this is that your CV is not able to impress the hiring organization. You face much more difficulties in being hired if you a fresher. This write-up contains all the requisite information and tips that you require in your resume.

Rank wise Listing and formatting:

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Writing resume does not mean that you just put all the matter together without any format, order, or sequence. You have to put all the things in a sequence and it should not look as if you are lettering a set of rules of regulations. It should serve as the commercial that every one intends to watch.

Choose only one font for the purpose, if you want to highlight some part, do it with bold or italic techniques. Do not use very large fonts, keeping the edge all the way.

At Top of the CV, communicate all your personal information including your name, address, mobile no. and email address.

Formats use:

Chronological, functional and or a combination formats can be followed.

If you want to show your growth in a particular field, and you want to place higher in that field only, you can use chronological format. Using this format, you are required to put your experience details, duties and responsibilities, academic record listing form latest to oldest with dates. You can also mention your extraordinary qualification which separates you from others, the languages use know, and the area in which others candidates are not well versed with, like VBV, SAS, SQL etc. provide references of the people in the list of which you position higher.

One can use functional format, who has gained experience and skills from self-employment, those can want to jump on their skills not on the basis of job history. Position your educational qualification, your awards and achievements; use headings to highlight experience like management, legal etc.

Alternatively, you can use a blend of both to show specific skills and how you acquired them by working different fields.


Make content of your resume shiny. The Career objective must be eye catching; it is the first thing that is noticed by the HR. If you are fresher, you can put all you volunteers and your strength in this part so that you will rank higher.

The art of presentation really matters. Instead of saying that you were an agent in insurance company; you can make your resume valuable by saying you were Advisory agent who provides customized solutions to the needs of the public. Check the Bureau of Labor Statistics occupational outlook to get the titles. You can have a look on sample resumes uploaded on the internet. Lay stress on mentioning your business interests rather than your hobbies. Hobbies have to be included just as a small section that is to be included as a part of resume. Do not forget to mention that you are initiative taker and volunteer. Extra co curricular activities must also be a part of the resume.

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