How to cope with a Job you hate

First of all, know that it is normal to hate your job. If people loved their jobs, it probably wouldn’t have been called work. This is not to say that there are not a few lucky ones among us who are getting paid for doing what they love, while others work hard to earn money just to afford to do what they love on the weekends or during vacations.

For a few of us unlucky ones, work can be so bad that it threatens to consume your entire life. And in the current job market, the idea of leaving a job without having another one secure can be very risky. Here are a few tips which can help you cope with a terrible boss or incompetent coworkers.

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Rant and rave

This may seem like a stupid idea, but it actually works. There used to be a time when men would rant about their job to their girlfriends. But in this feminist age, she is in all probability working too. Your friends out there have their own problems and the last thing they want is have to hear someone else’s. Don’t even think about talking to your coworkers about this because they might be part of the problem, or even if they are not they could further complicate things by ratting your out. Post your problems anonymously on the internet and hear stories of people who probably have it worse. This will surely make you feel better with what you have.

It isn’t permanent

It is very easy to assume that things will never change but this isn’t true. People no longer have a single career for their entire lifetimes. According to some of the latest research data, the average number of times a person switches jobs is five and this number is growing too. So just wait until you find a better job, preferably something you enjoy doing, and you should be doing fine.

Make some alone time

Choose a hobby that you enjoy just to distance yourself from the job that you hate so much. Getting into the unproductive cycle of sleeping eating and working is very easy but also unhealthy, especially if it is a job you don’t particularly enjoy. Try adding an activity that you enjoy to your morning routine, so you get up early not to work but for an activity that you enjoy.

Gain what you can

While working with a job that you don’t enjoy, you are probably applying to other jobs. You don’t necessarily have to waste your time while waiting to hear from someone else. You should polish your skills and take advantage of any training programs your current job might be offering. An even better idea is to take a class once a week and convince your boss to let you leave early that day of the week. This way, you can extract more out of your work and make your CV more attractive for any future employers that you might have.

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