Girls Gone Wild…and Gator Hunting

The only hunting that this Northeast native knows about are game like deer, turkey, duck, etc.

With that being said, I was never aware of such a thing as alligator hunting in southern states. People annually go hunting for the reptile in states like Florida, Texas, Alabama and, as of 2008, South Carolina, which was the first time in over forty years.

Trust me, I’m really trying not to make any stereotypical jokes about people in the south, but this is just insane, and actually doesn’t surprise me, because things are crazy down there.

As it turns out, this seems like a pretty big deal during mid-September to mid-October in the swamps of the south.

Usually, when I think about gator hunting, I conjure up images of brawny Australians like Paul Hogan or Steve Irwin. So, it’s seem kinda crazy at that I’m actually getting kinda turned on by it here in the States.

Cammie Colin, a 16 year old cheerleader from South Carolina, killed an alligator that was ten feet long and weighed 353 pounds. Camnie is only 5’4′ and weighs 120 pounds.

Cheerleader with Gator

It gets better though.

Cammie was hunting gators in the middle of the night, which is rather dangerous. She then shot the gator with a crossbow after spotting it. With the help of her dad, uncle and brother, they killed the gator and hauled it into their boat.

“Killer”, as she’s now called of course, offered this advice to future gator hunters. “Don’t be afraid, and just go at it”.

She’s going to be trouble for her parents when she goes to college.

Cammie wasn’t the only girl to bag herself a gator.

Arianne Prevost, a 23 year old mom in Florida, shot and killed an 11 foot gator that is estimated at weighing 450 pounds with you guessed it, a crossbow.

Mom with Gator

This was her first ever gator hunt – she missed it last year because she was knocked up.

Even though Arianne used to hunt deer with dad in Mississippi, she’s only been using a crossbow for two years. She opted to hunt for gators over deer in Flordia because the deer weren’t as good in the Sunshine State.

“I can’t seem to kill a deer, but I can kill an 11-foot alligator,” Arianne said.

While there’s no way in hell that I’m going to hunt alligators, I’m defiantly going to be checking in on gator hunting season, just to see some more chicks killing gators.

Who knows, maybe Sarah Palin will head down there and give it a whirl.

Not only would it help her gain votes with her demographic, “ahen” crazy Rednecks, it would prove that she’s got more guts than just shooting wolves from a helicopter.

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