Google Readies a Software Patch to Help Samsung Dodge Galaxy Nexus Injunction

Source: Galaxy Nexus/ Google

Google announced that it will release a software patch soon, in hopes of removing Samsung Galaxy Nexus’ potentially infringing search functionality feature. Furthermore, the patch is designed to avoid the possible sales ban of the Samsung mobile phone.

The sales ban is now a step closer to becoming a reality, following the preliminary injunction that has been recently handed down by the U.S. court in favor of Apple.

Google Software Patch is Coming

It has been reported that Google is planning to release a new software patch for Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which is said to disable local search options from the unified search feature. The device’s Voice Search is also restricted to Web queries, taking the local options out of the feature. As soon as the patch is rolled out, updated devices will see a simplified homescreen-based quick search option.

However, it is unclear whether Samsung would be able to sell its Galaxy Nexus after the patch has been released. This is because the court would presumably need to decide whether the new software would be able to eliminate the suspected infringement.

Samsung’s Legal Setback from Apple

Last Tuesday, Samsung experienced another legal setback when California Judge Lucy Koh granted Apple an injunction with regard to the Galaxy Nexus. Judge Koh cited the U.S. Patent No. 8,086,604 in handing down her ruling.  Entitled as the “universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system,” the patent deals with Siri voice commands and unified search functionality.

Because of this, the South Korean company said in a statement that they are “disappointed” with the decision. However, they will continue with their appeal and will keep “working closely” with Google on the issue.

Samsung is disappointed with the court’s decision that denied our motion to stay. We believe today’s ruling will ultimately reduce the availability of superior products to consumers in the United States.

We will continue an appeal of the GALAXY Nexus preliminary injunction, which we filed on July 2 to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Meanwhile, we are also working closely with Google to resolve this matter, as the patent in question concern Google’s unified search function.

In relation to this, there were reports that Galaxy Nexus was no longer available on the Google Play Store as of late Tuesday evening. Instead, it is listed as “Coming Soon,” although it is unknown whether the change is directly related to injunction.

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