Skateboarding Animal Alert: Gordo the Parrot Stolen From Home

Gordo is a 30-year-old Guatamalan parrot that loves to skateboard.

A popular attraction for more than ten years in the San Gabriel Valley community of Baldwin Park where he lives, Gordy was heartlessly snatched from his front porch cage in late march. His owner, Fred Mirales is devastated.

gordoAccording to news sources, for 47-year-old Mirales, Gordo the Guatamalan, skate-boarding parrot is the child he never had.

Police are fearful that the parrot may not be recovered, as often stolen pets are re-sold on the black market or become pets in other households.

“Whoever stole him is up against a can of worms, because Gordo isn’t used to strangers and will start biting,” said Mirales.

Mirales and Gordo have been very close companions. A neighbor’s security camera captured the video of a man running away from the Bess Street home with Gordo in his cage.

“Although Gordo is worth about $5,000, it’s not about the money, it’s just the companionship. I almost died about two years back and he helped me. He’s not your regular bird. He’s like a little kid,” Mirales told the press.

Mirales has had Gordo for a decade. He says the parrot is a popular attraction in his neighborhood, especially when he rides through town on the special mini-skateboard built by Mirales. It all happened kind of by accident after Mirales was injured in an automobile accident.

Exercise became an important component of his rehabilitation regime, prompting him to fashion the skateboard that his faithful feathered companion, Gordo, has become famous for riding.

Gordy is not alone in the animal kingdom as a cracker jack skate-boarder, although he may be one of just a few parrots who indulge in the sport.

Check out Mick the kitty:

And Extreme Pete, a dog who skateboards better than most people:

And who hasn’t seen Tillman, another famous skateboarding dog:

Who also skimboards!

In addition to Tillman and Extreme Pete, there are many other dogs (and people enthusiastic about teaching them) who love to skateboard and surf.

Will Gordy ever return home? It can only be hoped that the police will find him and that he’ll be returned to those who love him. If you have any information about poor Gordy’s abduction, please contact the Baldwin Park Police Department at (626) 960-1955.

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