The Grossest, Yet Most Delicious, Fast Food Sandwiches of the U.S.A.

As a disgusting man-glutton, there is nothing more that I enjoy than eating an enormous burger. I have many glorious burger experiences and memories. One of my worst occurred over a decade ago when I was still in high school.

One night when I was about 17, several friends and myself got mind-blowingly drunk on whiskey and decided to make a pit-stop at Wendy’s drive-thru. I had the great idea to eat a triple with cheese, along with the largest order of fries and soda one could get.

Needless to say, I ended up hurling booze and undigested burger all over the parking lot. It was glorious in hindsight, and I’m sure you readers have your own amazing burger encounters and stories.

Anyway, this list was harder to compile than one would think. I tried to be fair and share the wealth by not choosing two sandwiches from the same fast food company. Also, at many of these places you can add to burgers and sandwiches to make them even more monstrous and malevolent than offered on the menu.

For instance, In-N-Out burger was known for its “secret menu” where you could make insane variations on their burgers and fries. People made crazy 100 patty, 100 slices of cheese variations, the largest being a 666×666 burger that was so large the customer had to construct a steel trough to transport it. The company limited burgers to 4×4 after word got out of the monster burgers, but you get the picture. One sandwich is no longer available in the States, but was too good to pass up.

Just so you know how terrible these burgers are for you, here is what you are supposed to eat on a 2,000 and 2,500 calorie a day diet:

Without further ado, the grossest yet most delicious fast food sandwiches in America.

10) Enormous Omelet Sandwich (Burger King)

The Enormous Omelet Sandwich was discontinued in the United States, but you can still find it in some international markets. This starts off our list simply because of the uproar this delicious breakfast treat brought up when introduced a few years ago.

9) Double Quarter Pounder w/Cheese (McDonald’s)

This is actually somewhat shocking to me: the double quarter pounder with cheese is actually the “best” or least bad for you of all the crazy ass burgers on this list.

8 ) SuperSonic Cheeseburger w/Mayo (Sonic)

That’s all your daily total fat in one tiny looking burger.

7) FlameThrower GrillBurger (Dairy Queen)

My God, this thing will not only give you a heart attack but also give you satanic heartburn before you perish.

6) Bacon ‘n’ Cheese Ciabatta Burger (Jack in the Box)

Hmmm, E-Coli or heart disease? Which is more immediately threatening?

5) Triple Whopper With Cheese (Burger King)

This is just disgusting. Have you ever seen anyone try to eat one of these? How about in 3 bites?


4)¬†Triple With Cheese (Wendy’s)

Ah, the burger that made me hurl as a drunken 17 year old. How things have changed since then… I could easily scarf one of these suckers down now no matter how extreme my inebriation.

3) 4×4 (In-N-Out Burger)

This thing is just crazy… but here is a video of someone eating a 30×30 burger.


2) Monster Thickburger (Hardee’s)

Over 1,400 calories, 107 grams of fat, and enough sodium to ruin your blood pressure… can it get any worse than this burger from Hardee’s?

1) Double Six Dollar Burger (Carl’s Jr.)

Yes, it did just get worse. Here is the most disgustingly delicious sandwich in America. Too bad I don’t live anywhere near a Carl’s Jr., or I might just have to take the challenge.


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  1. renaissance89 says:

    what ? no KFC Double Down bunless sandwich ??

  2. @SonOfOdin says:

    The Monster Thickburger is my reason to live.

  3. Lou WOods says:

    ROTFL, and they wonder why America is FAT? Wow.


    • george says:

      I don't think anyone wonders why Americans are fat. I think it's pretty self-explanatory. It's like wondering why an anorexic person is skinny.

  4. chaz says:

    How about food items starting at 2000 calories. 1500 calories is ooooooooooo last year.

    Love it

    This should be a heart surgeon’s dream. That is more people with heart attacks equal more work equal more pay.

  5. breure says:

    Don’t forget the Kilauea burger at Islands.

    SERVING SIZE (oz) 18
    CALORIES 1560
    TOTAL FAT (g) 115
    SATURATED FAT (g) 40
    TRANS FAT (g) 2
    CHOLESTEROL (mg) 220
    SODIUM (mg) 2100
    FIBER (g) 4

    Not inclusive of modifications, however, it is a must try with bacon and mushrooms =)

  6. Craig says:

    Yet another blogger making a dime by calling burgers unhealthy and disgusting. Sure.

  7. Oregonian says:

    The Enormous Omelet Sandwich (Burger King) has not been discontinued. It’s still available in Oregon.

    The Burger King at Exit 293 off of I-5 (Wilsonville) still had it displayed on the menu as of April 11, 2010.

  8. will says:

    I would just like to say that Carl's Jr. And Hardee's are the same company with a different name based on where in the country it its.

  9. dustin says:

    you know hardees and carls jr are the same place right?

  10. Arrgh! says:

    Wow! I just threw up a little

  11. Kent_Geek says:

    Maybe you don’t have the restaurants called “Mr. Hero” near you, but if you did, you’d be hard-pressed to leave THE ROMAN BURGER off your list.

    The Roman Burger is served on a sub bun, with the gimmick being a generous distribution of deli meats ON TOP of the cheeseburger! Yow!

  12. jops360 says:

    this list sucks, and what about not using the same restaurant twice. im pretty sure that hardiees and carl jr. are the same, and burger king was listed twice. article FAIL!!!!

  13. Andy says:

    What, no entry from the Heart Attack grill in Arizona?

  14. Xed says:

    Carl's Jr. = Hardee's

    Just that for some reason, it's called Carl's Jr. on the West Coast and Hardee's in the East. The Monster Thickburger does taste like heaven.

  15. Beez says:

    One paradox on this list is that if you are on a low-carb diet, #2 (The Hardees Monster Thickburger) can be ordered in a low-carb version (double-wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun). I'll take two.

  16. Natalie says:

    They all look so yummy!!!! D:
    If only I were a fat hobo :/

  17. JBThug says:

    Three words, Quadruple Bypass Burger from Heart Attack Grill in Arizona.

  18. Brandon says:

    Ive had me a good tripple whopper… I can eat A LOT and that was pretty difficult with fries and everything