Guns and Athletes: 7 Non-Black Athletes That Love Their Guns

In the world of sports, there’s few issues that garner more attention than athletes and guns (except the occasional sexual assault cases and constant philandering).

The media loves to saturate the headlines of professional athletes who make a bonehead decision with their guns.

Guys like Plaxico Burress and Gilbert Arenas, for example, are frequently cited, and then used to make a point that there’s some major problems with athletes running around with loaded weapons.

As we all know, a majority of these stories, deal with African Americans. Which ultimately, spurs a race debate and stereotypes.

However, the real issue that I see, is one that’s happening in America. Not just localized within one particular race.

We Americans just love our guns. It doesn’t matter what color you are.

In fact, the rest of the world knows this. Look at this article from Australia about the Arenas incident. Race doesn’t come up. Instead, the people leaving comments, state that Americans are cuckoo for guns.

Whether it’s because of our 2nd Amendment right, because guys love hunting, for personal security, or, because guns have become a part of  the American lifestyle, guns are everywhere in the States.

With that, here’s seven non-black athletes that love their guns.

7. Jared Allen

The Vikings Pro-Bowl DE loves to hunt. Actually, love may not be a strong enough word.

When Allen is not on the field, he’s out shooting everything from pheasants, whitetail deer to wolves. The dude is one happy gun totting American.

While Allen hasn’t done anything moronic with his firearms, he’s very vocal about his hobby. He’s so vocal about hunting, which also includes bad-ass hunting with knives and bows, that it’s shocking that PETA has never gone after him.

6. Ryan Franklin

The St. Louis Cardinals closer made some valid points while discussing his opposition to MLB banning guns in the clubhouse.

Franklin, who is described as an avid outdoorsman, stated that he had been taught to respect guns, and to be smart with them. OK, I’m listening…

Then, he adds, “There are a few guys that screwed it up for everybody. If it wasn’t for the NFL guy a couple years ago bringing a weapon into a nightclub … you’ve just got to be smart.”

Whoops. All rationality out the window with that comment.

While there’s nothing wrong with being a hunter, is it really necessary to carry a firearm in the clubhouse? Unless some wild boars come raging through the stands and onto the field, of course.

5. Luke Scott

Outfielder Luke Scott has absolutely no shame in stating how wacky he is about his Glock pistol.

In 2006, while on the Astros, Scott stated what would happen if someone tried to mug him, since he’s rich that would naturally happen. With a smile, Scott responded, “In my case, you are going to get shot.”

Two years later, after being traded to the Baltimore Orioles, Scott told the LA Times that he carries his concealed Glock pistol almost everywhere he goes, adding the same reasons why in 2006, for protection.

Hey Luke. Ask Vernon Forrest how chasing down a thief with his gun went.

4. Bobby Knight

In 2007, the former Buckeye player and Indiana head coach, was caught on tape getting into an angry confrontation with a neighbor. What’s new, right? It’s Bobby Knight.

This time, however, it involved a gun.

Knight’s neighbor was more than a little ticked that Knight was firing too close to his house.

Bobby Knight with a gun just sounds like a bad combo. This is the same guy that choked one of his players. Thankfully, no one was shot, at least for now.

3. Jose Canseco

Before the former Bash Brother was snitching on players who juiced up, Canseco just so happened to be the American League’s MVP in 1988.

So, being a young, rich, and famous baseball player, it was only the right thing to do for Canseco to blaze across the country in his Jaguar in 1989.

Besides going 125 m.p.h., and blowing through red lights, Jose also brought along a little insurance policy…a pistol that he left on the floor of the car.

Canseco stated that he had been carrying the loaded 9 mm, because he had been receiving threats, and was concerned for his wife’s safety. The same wife he divorced a few years later. The same wife whose BMW was deliberately rammed by Canseco and his Porsche. Yup, that’s true love. Or, just a bad case of roid rage.

2. Barry Switzer

Maybe Barry Switzer took being a Cowboy way too serious.

In 1997, the former Dallas head coach, was caught at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport with a .38 caliber revolver in his carry on.

Switzer said it was an honest mistake, because he forgot the pistol was in the bag. Paving the way for future excuses from players like Shaun Rogers.

Switzer claimed that the gun was on his bed, and didn’t want the kids at his house to find it. So, he threw it in his bag.

Not sure why a gun was laying on his bed, but like I said, maybe he took being a Cowboy way too seriously.

Great example there coach.

1. Ty Cobb

Ty Cobb will be forever known as one of the greatest players in baseball. But, he was also one of the most rotten bastards in all of sports history.

So naturally, being a bastard that you would never want to cross, it was bad news when Cobb, and his wife, were mugged by three men in Detroit in 1912.

Cobb initially reached for his pistol. However, it didn’t fire. So, Cobb did the obvious. He chased one of the men down and beat him to a bloody pulp with the butt of the gun, which resulted in the man’s death.

Of course, we could go and on with the Ty Cobb stories. What else do you expect from a racist, drunken retired baseball player worth millions who had been torn apart by cancer and diabetes?

But Ty Cobb being that SOB that he was, before dying in an Atlanta hospital, placed a cool million bucks in a brown bag with his beloved Luger on top.

Now that’s a man that loved his guns.

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