New York Gym Becomes Boot Camp: Work Out Now or Else!

Perhaps you are letting your exercise regimen slip away as the weather turns warmer and green, sweet-smelling things beckon you elsewhere? Maybe you need to get inspired or maybe just a bug up places too impolite to mention in mixed company. Whatever be the case, consider the results at the Warrior Fitness Boot Camp in Manhattan.

Pretend you are in the army and confronted with a very loud and demanding drill sergeant screaming in your ear. As unpleasant as that sounds, this tactic seems to work when it comes to inspiring clients who range in age from 18-65 to get into shape. Relentless, noisy and exhausting, these classes do get people into their desired shape, which is, after all, what it is all about anyway. Right?

The mantra at this unique fitness camp is to “train like a marine with real marines.” Pretty scary stuff for some, but for others it is exactly what is needed to instill a regimen for squat thrusts, push-ups and instructions that are barked rather than spoken. The military-type obstacle course and calisthenics combines with workouts found in any gym, such as free weights, upper body exercises and stair sprinting.

In the words of drill instructor and co-owner, Alex Fell: “We pack so much into one hour that you get the most intense total body workout. We took our experience as former marine sergeants and melded it with more traditional-type workouts. We have all fitness levels, from people who’ve never worked out before to people who run triathlons and marathons.”

Fell and Ruben Belliard set the tone of their unique gym with military memorabilia and recruitment posters that adorn the walls. Both men are Marine Corps veterans.

The age range of “warriors” is between of 18-65 and believe it or not, 70% percent are women.

Fell says: “Women love it… The yelling, and there’s a lot of it, is meant to be motivational, not degrading. It’s more an encouraging type of screaming. We get them to push a little harder than they think they can.”

This concept isn’t new, although these boot camp workouts have recently experienced a surge in popularity.

According to Jessica Matthews of the American Council on Exercise (ACE): “It’s really getting back to basics, with lots of calisthenics and push up squats. They are challenging, intense workouts and they can be very well-rounded.”

Mathews also claimed that a study performed by the ACE found that almost 400 calories go with the wind after 40 minutes of an intense boot camp work out.

All in all, it seems an entertaining albeit intense way to forget about your problems for a little while, sweat, hurt and possibly drop close to 10 calories a minute.

Are you game? (Answer immediately!)

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