The Habano Cigar Festival: 13 Years and Still Going Strong

This unique five-day annual celebration held in Havana, Cuba, attracts lovers of cigars from all over the globe. Enthusiasts come to visit tobacco farms and factories and savor new cigar brands. Similar to a wine tasting festival but more far reaching in scope, this year’s annual event, which took place on Monday, Feb. 21, 2011, featured the coming out, so to speak of a new brand of cigars designed specifically for female smokers, the Cohiba Romeo Y Julieta.

Ironically, cigars remain a major export that generates more than $50 million per year to the Cuban economy despite the fact that US trafficking sanctions against Cuban products remain intact. International sales of Havana’s most iconic and best-loved export are rising for the first time since the global recession of 2008 and 2009. Due to an increase from Chinese and Middle Eastern consumers, sales have flourished since last year.

This international event is the largest of its kind for lovers of the world’s greatest tobacco. Those attending are given the opportunity to experience first hand the taste of the newest Habano cigars, a visit to cigar factories, a trade fair, seminars, lessons in how to roll a Habano and many other fascinating diversions specifically designed to appeal to the cigar lover.

The glitzy festival caters both to connoisseurs and those who are curious about the cigar’s astounding and timeless appeal. It is said the air is always thick with diverse cigar aromas, an elitist fragrance not appreciated by everyone but certainly savored by more than a few.

Perhaps cigar smoke is the new parfum?

Cigar (instead of Chanel)#5?

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