Halt the Hun! Allied First World War Propaganda

The First World War was brutal horrible shit. The total casualties, military and civilian, totaled over 37 million people. 21 million people were injured and 16 million died. Many people today seem to forget about how crazy the First World War was because of WW2 and other stuff that has happened since, but believe you me, it was of epic importance. The outcome of the war redrew national boundaries, killed off entire generations of young men, and redefined and destroyed European empires and monarchies.

Soldiers fought in appalling conditions.

You could say soldiers were perpetually filthy.

While we know how horribly god-awful trench warfare was, as did the leaders in charge at the time, nations utilized patriotism to rally support, sell war bonds, and convince people to enlist. When one looks at WW1 era propaganda, you would never know just how brutal the war actually was. AMOG hopes you enjoy this ghastly compilation.

Amazingly rare WW1 footage in COLOR




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  1. jim forbes says:

    moving stuff– my grandfather survived this madness but my grandmothers brother wasn't as lucky dying aged 19 at the battle of loos 1915. I have one of my grandfathers medals from this conflict and a photograph of granmas brother and two comrades en route to France all smiles and youthful excitement–none of them came back–what a waste.