How to Quit Smoking

Smoking is a bad habit. It harms your lungs and spread diseases to people around you with the smoke coming out of your cigarettes.If you have small kids in your family the effect will be very harmful on them than adults. Cigarettes contain Nicotine. Nicotine is one of the most addictive and harmful drug in the world. Nicotine is legally available worldwide. If you are a teen smoker then quitting smoking seems impossible. Around 4.9 million people die of smoking every year. However quitting this bad habit is not as tough as it seems. You can quit smoking by following these steps.

smoking How to Quit Smoking

Strong Inner Determination

The first towards the process of quitting smoking should be the presence of strong inner determination. Nothing is impossible for human beings if you actually are willing to do it. Note all the reason to quit this bad habit to boost your determination. Search on internet about the bad effect of cigarettes on the health of chain smokers. Try quitting atleast 1 pack a day and give yourself reward for this. Tell your friends and family that you are trying to quit smoking. They will support you. Support and patience is required to quit smoking permanently. Smoking quitting process can take days or months, don’t lose patience. Go back on track after a slip off.

Time for a Change

Don’t try to quit at once. Lessen you dose day by day.Stop hanging out with friends who smoke. Remove all the tobacco products from your office and home. Avoid keeping the pack of cigarettes at their usual place in starting days. Try smoking new brands. The difference in chemicals and flavors will make smoking less enjoyable. Fix 2/3 days a week and make up your mind to say ‘no’ to cigarettes on these days completely. Play a sport, Go for movies, read a novel or any other thing to distract yourself whenever you have an urge to smoke. Replace smoking by drinking heavy amount of water. Try low calorie mints. Stay active and stress free and eat proper diet in these days. A lot of legal drugs are available in market that will help chain smokers to quit this habit in a few months.

Try Medication and Therapy

Nicotine replacement therapy helped a number of people to get rid of this habit. Hypnosis, acupuncture and counseling sessions are really helpful. You will get to know about all the changes in your behave during these. Doctors can tell you the ways and prescribe you medicines to cope with Cigarette cravings. Motivational therapies can do wonders self-help books and websites can provide you all the required motivation to quit smoking.Some people got motivated to quit smoking after calculating the amount of money saved after quitting. Multivitamins can help by providing energy to fight against smoke withdrawal. Ginger is commonly used by addicts to overcome nausea which is one of the main symptoms of smoking withdrawal. Oats are also very helpful in removing the toxics from your body and helping your body to recover easily from the absence of nicotine.

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