How to be a Nurse

Nowadays there are a number of professions available worldwide. Most of the people choose to be an engineer or doctors in order to live a comfortable life by making more money. But choosing your profession is not all about money. It is about passion, satisfaction and happiness. Choose the work which gives you mental satisfaction along with money. Nursing is a very respect profession. But it is not the cup of tea of everyone to be a nurse. You need strong determination as well as proper qualification in order to become a nurse. Here are some points that will help you to be a nurse.

Pre – Registration degree

Pre- registration nursing degree is a must to have in many countries of the world. No matter where you are living you need to meet all the educational qualifications first. There are 4 main branches in pre – registration degree. These are adult, children, learning disability and mental health. Before applying you must decide which branch interests you. In nursing programs practice holds equal importance as that of theory. So, make sure not to miss the practicing sessions. Just like doctors have internships, nurses have clinicals.

Placements in Clinics

After completing your degree with good grades and training properly, you will be ready to work in hospitals and clinics. You will get your own license. Many universities help you to be placed in a good and reputed hospital. It is normal to be super stressed in the beginning days of your clinicals or real time job in some hospital. You need to have strong motivation in the starting days of your career. Thinking about the fact that you will save lives of other people will be enough to motivate you. Be confident while working with other staff members. Be kind to your patients.

Female doctor or nurse How to be a Nurse

Advancing the Career

After working for some months in this department you will get certification. Being certified means increase in pay as well as lot of respect. You need to be mentally ready for all the difficulties you will be facing while going through this profession. This job is not easy. Facing infections, vomits or blood will become your daily routine. Make sure to avoid the feeling of guiltiness if the situation arrives that something happens to someone in front of your eyes. Your schedule can be pretty intense.

Further Promotions

The schedule of a nurse can be pretty intense. There are day as well night shifts. Sometimes nurses have to work about 40 hours continuously if any other nurse is absent. It is better to take some days off as it is most important to take good amount of sleep to be healthy. Try to be a travelling nurse. That is easy rather than working 12 hours in a shift. Try to do masters in nursing and become a clinical nurse specialist, nurse-midwife etc. in this way you will be able to do any work and go anywhere. It is best to be promoted because it will allow you to have more salary.

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