Surgery More Effective than Chemotherapy for Tongue Cancer

According to the researchers people suffering from tongue cancer if undergo surgery before receiving treatment of radiation fare better than those patients who start their treatment with chemotherapy, according to a new study. There are many patients who hesitate to start their treatment with a persistent procedure according to the university of Michigan researchers. But today’s technology is advanced and there are many advanced surgical procedures available which can improve the chances of survival of the cancer suffering patients, this was noted by the university news release. The study was also published online on Dec 26 in JMA Otolaryngology Head and Neck surgery.

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According to the American cancer society nearly fourteen thousand surgeries will be diagnosed with the disease this year and 2,070 will be dying of this deadly disease.

For people at young age chemotherapy may sound a better option as compared to surgery with huge reconstruction,” this was the thought of the Dr. Douglas Chepeha who is a professor of neck surgery and Otolaryngology at the university of Michigan medical school. This was said in a news release.

Chepeha also said,” but patients with oral cancer cannot endure induction chemotherapy as well as these patients can handle surgery with radiation therapy follow up. He said,” our reconstruction techniques are very much advanced and it offers suffering patients with better functional and survival outcomes.”

The study involved nineteen people with mouth cancer. All the patients went under initial dose of induction chemotherapy. Patients who showed success by 50% received more chemotherapy and radiation therapy as well. Researches after that reported that they stopped the study early due to dismal results. Only ten patients responded to chemotherapy .Out of these only ten survived after five years of treatment.

Only 2 patients out of nine who went through surgery after the first chemotherapy dose and were still alive after five years free from cancer, this was found by researchers.

After an examination was held once again on a similar group of patients but those who had surgery and reconstruction followed by the radiation therapy, it was found by the researchers that there was a drastic improvement in the rates of survival and their outcomes as well, according to a latest release.

However according to the latest news contradictions were made that the treatment course for the people with voice box cancer, the news release noted. These patients with surgery are also getting doses of chemotherapy to determine whether they should further proceed with the surgery or not. This approach also led to the improved survival rates and outcomes for suffering patients.

The mouth is a very delicate area and the immune system in the mouth is very critical and chemotherapy restrain the immune system. “In case a patient is already debilitated then there are no chances that they will respond to the chemotherapy well, said Chepeha. In such cases induction chemotherapy should not be the only option of mouth cancer and the results are worse compared to surgeries. So surgeries are more effective than chemotherapy.

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