Hells Angel Gets Last Ride to The Grave

Everyone knows that the ancient Egyptian pharaohs were buried with all their worldly belongings so they could have them in the after life. This concept seems a bit odd in a modern context, but nevertheless, here it is.

In what probably is a first, a Hells Angels biker from Puerto Rico attended his own funeral atop his favorite Honda racing motorcycle. David Morales who was shot to death in a gun battle in San Juan, left instructions for his relatives to bury him with his beloved bike.

The Marin funeral company received the unusual request and undertakers mounted his body on the bike, carefully disguising body braces underneath his clothes. They covered his eyes with wraparound sunglasses and placed two torches on either side of him, forming aisles for mourners to pass as they said final goodbye.

Meatloaf’s Bat out of Hell, which was Morales’s favorite album, was played at the service. Eerily, the album cover depicts a biker rising from a grave.

Whatever Morales was or wasn’t in life, he had those who loved him that he left behind. In the words of Jose Torres, Morales’s uncle:

“He went out as he would have wanted. It was the last gift we could give him to honor his wishes.”

The funeral parlor did its best to honor the wishes of the family in this most unusual departure service. Aptly, there was no one quite like David Morales in life; in death his legacy may be questionable but remains the same.

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