Home Decor For That Special Geek

Do you yearn for waffle-shaped like keyboards, vacuums you can ride and walls comprised of your favorite photos? Are you entranced by walls that glow and Persian rugs that hold a secret puzzle? Do you seek new and different ways to interact with water? If the answer to even one of these questions is “yes,” you have come to the right article. Read on for more geeky delights for home and hearth.

Geek wallpaper with Flickr images

Designer Carlo Jorges has found a very clever way to put your favorite photos on a wall by pasting them on as wallpaper. His invention, a roller called Wallpeppr, is connected to the computer via a network cable and is capable of coating different surfaces with downloaded Flickr images.

Geek light- emitting wallpaper

According to one government source, light-emitting wallpaper may well begin to replace light bulbs from 2012. The system can be powered by solar panels or batteries and involves a chemical coating, which can be applied in the form of specially treated wallpaper or simply painted onto walls. Dimmer switches can regulate brightness, as with conventional lighting.

Persian puzzle rug

This Persian-inspired line of rugs created by the German product designer, Katrin Sonnleitner is called Puzzle Perser. The version below uses nine different colors, but these rugs also come in black and four different shades of green. The puzzle pieces are composed of a recyclable blend of both natural and synthetic rubber.

Luminous ripple faucet

Interact with water with this unusual faucet from which water flows from two channels; hot and cold. Inspired from the ripples on the water’s surface, its uniqueness lies in the powerful visual relationships between the user’s interaction, water flow and temperature. A metal ball on top of the rippled surface controls the faucet’s temperature.

Ride the vacuum cleaner

Comedienne, Roseanne Barr once said she would start vacuuming when they invented one she could ride upon. Well they have, or at least one designer, Kristina Andersson, has. Children can mount this vacuum and have fun while cleaning. It’s not really like a pony ride, but it’s as close as a housekeeping chore can come to one!

Geek waffles

Fashioned from an old outdated typewriter, designer, Chris Dimino, has created a functioning waffle iron. Talk about playing with food!

The sky’s the limit with Geek home décor and the possibilities are endless…time to get those creative juices flowing and come up with your own.

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