Real Life Centaur? Woman Creates Robotic Horse Legs for Humans

We’ve all heard of clothes horses, dark horses and equines named Charlie, but horse legs for humans to wear has got to be a horse of another color if there ever was one, Read all about Seattle artist, Kim Graham, and her latest, one-of-a kind creation.

The beauty and vitality of horses have captivated mankind since time immemorial. Their graceful movements and unfettered energy until now seemed something out of reach, something only to be coveted and admired. Enter Kim Graham, a fine-art sculptor who has dabbled in special effects and fantasy-based mold-making, and while you are there, meet her Digitigrade Leg Extensions, which “give a person the uncanny and graceful appearance of an animal.”

Why would anyone want to resemble an animal when walking? What secret fantasy is being fulfilled here? These are questions not answered by those who admire the otherwise non-outrageous, but totally unique works of art created by talented Kim Graham.


In her own words:

“Granted, they don’t look all that comfortable, though it takes just 10 to 15 minutes of walking to get used to them. The leg extensions work well on level surfaces, while sharp inclines are difficult and stairs are downright risky. Walking briskly is the best way to get around in these attachments. Galloping, not so much.”

The leg-extensions are custom-fitted and handmade from steel, cable, foam, and rigid plastic and add 14 inches of height to the wearer; kind of like an odd pair of stilts. They cost an arm and an additional leg ranging between $750-$1,000, if you desire the optional spring-loaded hooves.

If you want a fur costume built around the hooves in the hopes of fitting in with the horses and stable folk, that whimsy will also cost you extra. The fur does cause some problems (besides the obvious mental issue, that is). Getting in and out of the Digitigrade Leg Extensions when fur is involved can take an extra three minutes of preparation.

Right now leg extensions are new and their appeal is very limited, but who’s to say how those in the orbit of the horsey set will respond to these (not to mention the horses who might not like it)? As of this writing some actors and other brave pint-size performers already have their names on the two-month waiting list.

Kim Graham is known for her beautiful, unique sculptures and her work ranges from fine art pieces to large-scale architectural ceramic projects. Where do Digitigrade Leg Extensions fit into this grand plan? Only Kim can say for sure, but one can only contemplate what accouterments could be included to complete the Digitigrade Leg Extensions ensemble?

How about a canvas oat bag to carry around one’s neck and one with sequins for those more formal occasions? Maybe a bridle would be a good idea for those days when the wearer just “won’t behave”. Lastly but not leastly, how about a Kentucky Derby for humans in Digitigrade Leg Extension drag? (It should be somewhere in New Jersey so as not to confuse imposters.)

The possibilities are endless.

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  1. Assunta says:

    I wonder if this woman realizes she looks like and walks like medieval depictions of THE DEVIL (in goat or satyr form)? It’s freaky!!!

  2. jeex says:

    freaky yes, satanic no.

  3. dep28 says:

    all we need now is kratos…

  4. scott says:

    meh. i would rather have the robot devil's hands…..

  5. alopix says:

    Hmmm… make a pair of fox legs for the less equine of us and I'm sold.

  6. Jay says:

    they look good on you only with out that fur …

  7. name says:

    Scary shit.

  8. bert says:

    the walkin with dinosaurs people should buy a pair of these for their raptor suit. would make it perfect.

  9. Thomas says:

    The hooves are comically huge but the legs are nothing new. The stuntmen who played the werewolves in Underworld had to use the same thing. I'd like a pair myself, just with smaller feet. I'd take a little bit of extra falling risk for it.

    • Nunya Bidnez says:

      The size of the hooves provides balance for the person using them, most likely. Safety is important for people using these things, and I'm more or less betting that compared to an actual horse… the bigger ones, anyway… that size isn't all that amazing.

  10. otatron says:

    I'm ashamed to admit my first thought upon looking at the pic was "Hey, great way to do an accurate Draenei costume!"… I don't even play WoW anymore…

  11. ACA says:


  12. horselesscarriage says:

    Um.., I'll be the first one to admit that I know nothing about art, but WTF!!?

  13. Gonzobot says:

    Awesome. This + horsetail buttplug = pure awesome. Pure unadulterated awesome. Now don't you non-furry jerkoffs go and ruin this!

    • goltoof says:

      doesn't have to be real horsetail though, does it? Faux fur works for me.. such a wider selection of textures, neon colors… coming out of that sparkly buttplug..

    • Hat Jack says:

      You mean everyone else besides you?

    • Nunya Bidnez says:

      Where does a buttplug come into this?

      *shakes head* For god's sake, I swear sometimes I don't know what's wrong with people…

  14. goltood says:

    and no it's not a centaur… dumbass!! centaurs have four legs, two arms…. get it right. It's a real life fauna if anything.

  15. Ian says:

    I can see this being a huge hit with the "pony girl" sorority.

  16. jimini says:

    How exactly is this robotic? OR new?

    • Nunya Bidnez says:

      Robotic probably has to do with the construction. As for new? i'd say the concept has been around for a long time… just no one really noticed or cared.

  17. Yiff in hell says:

    Fuckin' furries

  18. Yiff in hell says:

    Fuckin' furries

    • Nunya Bidnez says:

      You call yourself yiff in hell, and talk of fuckin' furries… what does this have to do with these legs?

      Keep your sexual fantasies to yourself.

  19. messymike says:

    It's called a minotaur not centaur.

  20. Dave says:

    Hey, that Tauren chick is hot! (I'm so ashamed.)

  21. curt says:

    that is absolutely the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen. i know horse lovers are wierd but holy hell. thanks to this lady alone i am forced to question whether or not there is any hope for humanity.

  22. Anyone else find that eerily creepy?

  23. Greg says:

    That thing is based closely on leg extensions developed for the Farscape TV series and viewable on this website

  24. erotic boners says:

    I want to see them fit robotic horse legs on top of a horses ordinary legs.

  25. Talk about a rip-off artist … this l=kind of prosthetic has been around for years, for example see …. made a full year ahead of the one being promoted here …

  26. Tyrone says:

    This is stunningly amazing.

  27. ffff says:

    I am going to buy these and chase old people.

  28. Koen says:

    With robotic assistance this beats the heck out of a segway. Fur? Hey, don't make fun of fur!

  29. Lord Zero says:

    Protoss for the win!!!

    Legs like that would make an out of this world protoss costume…

  30. Jack says:

    This is really creepy and interesting at the same time!
    Wonder what else technology is going to bring.

  31. HorseWithHumanLegs says:


    Her own legs look like they work just fine.

  32. LewisD says:

    Add some type of power, to help someone whose legs dont work, and I could see a practical use.

  33. Kit Mayer says:

    TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL! now if only there was a four legged harness for the Centaur-minded (and before any of you 'taur' me a new one, I know this is just fanfic…)

  34. alisa says:

    Is Centaur real??? Before???

  35. Shariq says:

    that great , can i see them fir robotic horse legs ?