They Must Be All Around Us: Weird Sightings of Jesus and The Virgin Mary

Religious images are a touchy subject, especially when they appear in unexpected and rather unholy places.

Whether you believe icons can be seen in the trees or appear unbidden on walls, sometimes the sight of them leaves more questions than answers.

Follow this unlikely path leading to the sightings of religious icons that have found their way to the most mundane of places; a restaurant griddle, a tree and a piece of chocolate among others.

The psychological phenomenon involving the propensity for humans to see faces on everyday things is called pareidolia. Some common examples might include seeing images of animals or faces in clouds or that old standby, the man in the moon. The word derives from the Greek para which means “besides” or “alongside of” and eidolon, which translates into image or form.


The Las Palmas Restaurant in Calexio, California, is now a hot spot, but not for its food. The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe at first seen by a cook who was cleaning the griddle on April 22, is “selling like hotcakes,” so to speak. Brenda Martinez, the manager of the restaurant located in a small town on the California-Mexico border, claims that the restaurant has received more than 100 visitors, all clamoring for the sight of the likeness of the Virgin Mary on the griddle.


Some of the visitors to the restaurant drew a crowd all by themselves. A group of masked wrestlers from a nearby exhibition remained awe-struck at the sight of the image on the griddle. One known only as Mr. Tempest told the press that “it is a true miracle.”

Since the discovery of the image, the griddle is no longer functioning as such and has been placed in a shrine in a storage room. One can only wonder if the waffles it made came out with that image embossed on them? If so, it would be difficult to justify putting a fork through them and/or maple syrup on top! We wonder if the Jesus pancake was fried on a similar griddle.


If griddles don’t float your boat, how about other forms of “sacred artifacts?” What about a grilled cheese sandwich that bore the likeness of Our Lady of Guadalupe that was auctioned on eBay five years ago for $28,000!


There was also a pair of Funyuns, an onion-flavored snack food, resembling the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus that the owner law clerk, Jim Mize, auctioned on eBay and sold for $609.


A weird piece of chocolate bearing the likeness of the Virgin Mary was discovered at Bodega Chocolates in Fountain Valley, California in 2006. The 2-inch-tall chocolate drippings were found under worker’s vats.


Jesus has also been sighted on a potato chip, a freshly power washed wall and in a puddle in Mexico City near a subway where a pipe burst. Hundreds, even thousands of people have made pilgrimages to these sites.

Is it a mirage or a real sight to behold?

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