The Hotel That Allows Its Guests To Express Themselves

The London West Hollywood Hotel in its own unique way is like a trip to Wonderland without Alice. While she encountered cookies that said, ‘eat me’, this hotel offers light blue, gray faux-suede walls that scream, ‘touch me’ and ‘write on me’.

The elegant and exclusive hotel designed by David Collins has a reputation for offering irresistible walls with material so soft and inviting that visitors cannot resist touching the surface. Many go a step further and leave messages for other visitors staying at the hotel. Some scribblings may be compliments to the hotel chef or other specific service rendered at the hotel, while others may be of a personal nature directed at specific visitors.

If this conjures images of children coloring with crayons on tabletops, it is probably not a coincidence. It does seem childish, and yet the concept of “wall writing” has become an integral part of this hotel’s identity.

Twice a day, hotel workers make the rounds and clean the walls so they are always fresh and clean for the next group of visitors. For those who wish to try their hand at writing on the walls of the London West Hollywood hotel, the cheapest room lies within the $300 range. Hotel rates include free calls to London. (At that price, they should include something else, no?)

The hotel is part of the Blackstone Group, which also owns Hilton Worldwide.

Maybe, if you feel so inspired, try writing on a pad first, before investing in a night at this hotel?

The gesture could save you quite a bit of money!

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