The Hottest Female Athletes from the 2010 Winter Olympics

There’s nothing better than a hot woman in better shape than you are. The 2010 Winter Olympics showcased a wonderful conglomeration of sexy she-athletes from around the world.

Lindsey Vonn, USA

This American born beauty, hailing from St. Paul, Minnesota, won the gold medal this Olympics in the downhill skiing event, the first American woman to win ever! Let’s hear a round of applause for this talented hottie.

Claudia Toth, Austria

This curling vixen once turned down an opportunity to pose in the German version of Playboy.

Kiira Korpi, Finnland

I can understand why Finnish women are so good looking… in the cold north, a guy’s gotta stay warm somehow in the long winters. This figure skating beauty deserves a gold medal for something.

Isabelle Pieman, Belgium

Hailing from Belgium, Miss Pieman is another European figure skating hottie competing in this year’s Olympics. She is Belgium’s national champion, and the champion of my heart.

Bree Schaaf, USA

This bobsled racing All-American stunner has a perfect smile.

Mari Motohashi, Japan

This Japanese curling beauty sets the bar pretty high for her teammates.

Tugba Marademir, Turkey

Turkey doesn’t have a large contingent in the Winter Olympics, but flag bearer Tugba Marademir might just steal the show.

Irina Movchan, Ukraine

This Olympic silver medalist and Ukrainian bombshell melts ice, seriously.

Tanith Belbin, USA

Tanith, an ice dancer, is one of the hottest chicks on this list, seriously…. and she’s American, too!

Chemmy Alcott, Great Britain

Hailing from mother England, this gorgeous skiing champ reminds us what we left behind when we declared independence.

Allison Baver, USA

This American speed skating fox Allison Baver, from the great state of Pennsylvania.

Doris Guenther, Austria

Doris is one hot Austrian snowboarding snow bunny.

Melissa Hollingsworth-Richards, Canada

This skeleton sledding temptation from Canada has a mouthful of a name, and she’s an eyeful too.

Anni Friesinger, Germany

Mein leben, Anni, you German speed skaters move too fast for me.

Kimiko Zakreski, Canada

This exotic Canadian snowboarding seductress requires no introduction.

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  1. diego says:

    Man you forgot about the russian curling team!!!

  2. Bill says:

    German Biathalon Girl. Won Like 4 Medals

  3. spiegs says:


  4. insomniamg says:

    This is an awesome list. Will have to post about this on

  5. Finnish says:

    Finnland should be spelled Finland and yeah, Kiira Korpi is hot.

  6. sethn says:

    You forgot about Shawn Johnson! But then again you might not be a teen…… Way to not be a pedifile!

  7. Elle Pedersen says:

    Torah Bright??? There are some nice looking women up there, but how the hell did you manage to miss the snow boarding gold medallist from Australia :-/

  8. kai says:

    I can't Belive this list does not have therese johaug on it. The hottest cross country skier. It also has to many speed skaters. the only reason they look better is because they can wear fancy costumes.

  9. jamal says:

    yuna kim

  10. Justin says:

    Tanith Belbin is a born and raised Canadian……

  11. Robert says:

    There are few things more attractive than a woman is good physical condition! I think the surfeit of beauties we see here also attests to the fact that good health manifests itself in a certain physical beauty. That is not to say that these ladies are attractive solely because they are in good shape, but I bet it help!


  12. Matt says:

    The 2nd picture of Chemmy Alcott is actually American Ski Racer Julio Mancuso, in my opinion, much hotter than American Lindsey Vonn.

  13. strobin111 says:

    Biathalon Girl. Won Like 4 Medals Seo Florida

  14. Blog Surface says:

    Lindsey Vonn!!! Two thumbs up!

  15. strobin111 says:

    spelled Finland and yeah, Kiira Korpi is hot. stainless steel cookware sets