Is Kristina Svechinskaya the Hottest Hacker Ever?

37 seven people were recently charged in a bank hacking scheme, where about $3 million dollars was drained from personal and small business accounts, and another $9 million from British accounts, by unleashing a Trojan virus on their victims. But, why did this grab our attention, since hacking has become an inconvenient part of life in the 21st Century? Because four of them are college students attending school in New York, who have been described as “sexy Eastern European coeds,” by the New York Daily News.

The hacker that has earned the most attention is Kristina Svechinskaya, a 21 year old from Russia. She’s already been compared to another hot Russian, former spy Anna Chapman. Thanks to Facebook, we have pictures of this sexy high-tech criminal, which proves that hacking isn’t for 35 year old virgins living in their parent’s basement anymore.

However, it gets much, much better. The feds are searching for another 16 hackers, including another hot, Russian babe. Describing 22 year old Kristina Izvekova is simple. She’s blond and busty.

Seriously, who knew that hacking was so sexy. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for any new pics on these Russian hotties.

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