The Incredible Living Bathroom Mat

Reminiscent of Madd Magazine’s long-ago rendition of the incredible horror of the “living bra,” the live bathmat is right up there in innovation and…well, something else.

Fighting off images of the Creature From The Black Lagoon and other charming fish and fauna, this prototype creation, constructed of 70 balls of moss and held together in a latex frame has become an online hit.

Nguyen La Chanh’s clever, albeit bizarre, creation of the £40 (more than US $63) Moss Rug first hit the world some two years ago as part of the artist’s degree course. Unexpectedly, she found herself besieged with orders to buy this rug immediately after she uploaded images of it to the web.

In the last two years she has been working on the design, perfecting it and finding a manufacturing firm capable of making the rug, which utilizes forest moss as a living carpet.

Does anyone wonder what other “live” things may be in the carpet, quietly lurking and… hungry?

Nguyen hails from Switzerland and she claims the idea of thinking of the bathroom mat as a Petri dish is one that has persisted since her student days.

Speaking of her clever and sustainable design, she said:

“The humidity of the bathroom and the drops flowing from the body, water the mosses. This vegetation carpet produces a great feeling to your feet. The idea was to find a new way of having your plants inside. Not only plants in pots quietly standing in the corner of a living room but alive plants, evolving in the house.”

While no one can question the ingenuity of this idea, this author’s fear is for the potentially living creatures inside the rug. Would they have any way of knowing that I killed their cousin last year as it crawled on my bathroom ledge and seek retribution while I sleep unknowingly in the next room?

Nice thought, though.

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