Inmate’s Execution Derailed Over Unsuitable Veins

According to news sources, a convicted murderer has gotten an unexpected short reprieve from a death sentence because executioners could not find a suitable vein into which to inject the lethal drugs.

Ted Strickland, Ohio’s governor, was between a rock and a hard place when he issued the last minute reprieve at the request of the prison warden overseeing the state’s execution chamber at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville.


According to prison spokesperson, Julie Walburn:

“This is uncharted territory for us. Prison officials must now consult with several people about how to perform Broom’s execution, which by state law must be done by lethal injection.”

Romell Broom is slated for execution for the rape and murder of 14-year-old Tryna Middleton in Cleveland in 1984. In an odd twist of fate, this is not the first time the state of Ohio has had difficulty executing a condemned man. In May of 2006, Joseph Clark sat up to tell his executioners that the administered drugs were not working. This forced a new addition to state execution protocol in which the warden tries to rouse the condemned prisoner after an initial dose of sedatives is administered and before the injection of lethal drugs.


Romell Broom accepted his fate and was very calm and cooperative on the day of his execution. He knew his last request for clemency was denied the day before and that he would pay for brutal rape, stabbing and murder of an innocent fourteen-year-old girl. DNA sealed his fate as semen in the girl’s body matched his without a doubt.

Broom’s execution did not get far as his veins weren’t able to support the dose of sedatives. His fate still would have been a lot kinder than that of his victim. Unfortunately, witnesses to the execution that included family members of the murdered girl, were unable to gain the closure they both expected and deserved.

Romell Broom may have gotten a reprieve, but he will soon meet his maker and, hopefully, eternal damnation for his crime.

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