Need a Kegerator AND an Arcade? Combine Them Both With the Arkeg

With so many gadgets to drain your wallets these days, it’s hard to grasp what you should buy and what you should skip. But this has to be one of the coolest damn things that I’ve seen.

It’s an arcade with a keg!

So it’s appropriately called the Arkeg.


It’s about time that someone started making one of these; fortunately someone did, and I would gladly dish out the four grand for it.

Here are the details on this beauty.

The arcade is essentially your basic old school arcade that we all dig. It comes with 69 preloaded games, like Asteroid, Gun Smoke, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. Pretty much they’ve chosen the cream of the crop from Atari, Midway and Taito. However, you can buy more games to download.


But wait there’s more!

You can upload your favorite cartridge from systems like Saga, if you have them lying around somewhere, so you’re guaranteed to have an endless supply of games to play.

Next up is the keg.


The Arkeg comes with a 5 gallon keg. The site gives you an awesome selection of 55 different beers to come with your arcade. It’s a varied selection of domestic , craft or mirco-brews. Not too mention that the Arkeg is able to support the 5 gallon Cornelius keg, which means that you can tap your own brew. It’s capable of handling the fermination and carbonation phases, so not only can you show off your gaming skills, you can also show off your own beer.

There’s even some 21st features, like being able to upload your music from your iPod and importing them onto the Arkeg. There are also two USB ports so you can transfer games, movies, etc. from your computer. And of course there is a PC inside and comes with a 24 inch HD LCD.

OK, so it’s got some kickass features, but how’s it look?


To me, it looks awesome. It’s slim and slick. It’s black and chrome, which is always a nice combo. You can also purchase accessories to pimp it out, like different size drip trays, game pads, taps, and side art decals.

I can’t believe how they flawlessy¬† gave a 21st update to an 80’s favorite all while getting you hammered. Yeah, this is a most have for any guy.

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