Is Japan Trying to Destroy America With Robots?

There are three scenarios possibly going on in the minds of Japanese scientists right now.

They are still really pissed about the whole nuclear bomb thing in 1945.

They secretly know that the world will end soon, and, are planning a massive kamikaze mission.

They have taken their love of The Terminator franchise way too seriously.

If you have no clue what I’m talking about, I’ll have to recap what ignited these fears.

I recently came across pressings on the robot Kijiro .


This contraption was constructed at Tokyo’s JSK Robotics Laboratory, and is quite remarkable. Kijiro differs from most other bots because of it’s musculature. This thing was modeled after human ligaments, muscles, tendons and bones. While it’s slow, and a little wobbly, the fact that Japanese researchers have begun building humanoid robots with this much detail is mind bending.

I keep asking myself, “What’s next?”

While at first sight, it may seem like nothing more than some gifted people trying to make the world a better place, or, some folks having fun with technology. I suspect, however, a brewing conspiracy in the Land of the Rising Sun.

The following five examples of humanoid robots are so freighting, that every red-blooded American should be vigilant at the growing trend. These robots are a threat to American ideals, freedom, and democracy. Seriously. Rush Limbaugh would crap his pants if he investigated the following. Stop fighting Obama and the Democrats, and prepare to battle the machines.

5. BabyBot

Japan is facing a population growth issue, since they have an extremely low birth rate. So, instead of doing something, like I don’t know, encouraging citizens to do their civic duty and have marital sex strictly for reproduction, they’re turning to robots.

For reasons unknown, the Japanese brainiacs believe that they can build an army of creepy, crying, snoot producing baby-bots. There are currently baby-bots that can essentially recreate every emotion, and motion, of an infant. The idea is that it will teach the younger generation about the joys of parental responsibilities, but, if you have a baby-bot, why would you want the real thing?

In short, Japan is trying to eliminate the world’s population by replacing human infants with robots.

4. KidBot


There’s a chance that a few newborns will slip through the cracks, and, there are also some kids already out there. Naturally, Japan had to address this issue.

The result?

The Repilee R-1 robot, which is designed to look like a real 5 year old, if that 5 year old was in a horror movie ala The Grudge. The R-1 is supposed to “help” the elderly. Don’t know about any of you, but I would never leave that thing alone with my grandparents.

3. CareBot


Companies, like Gecko Systems, have been perfecting the CareBot. Basically, the CareBot is designed to almost replace nursing homes, and nurses, for the elderly. It will also remind old folks to take their meds, keep them company, and dial for help if the person falls and can’t get up.

I’m sure that Japan is only a few modifications away from the CareBot, as with similar robots, from performing tasks that we people normally do. Not only does this take away jobs in the health care industry, it’s also a clever way of real death panels occurring.

Who knows what that robot has planned when it’s wiping grammy’s ass? Health care reform doesn’t have anything on the potential threats to these robots if they went haywire.

2. SexBot


Throughout the history of mankind, we’ve been searching for anything to stick our man-sticks in. As technology advanced, gadgets became more detailed, and realistic. Now, the Japanese have taken it as real as imaginable.

The Honey Doll, for example, doesn’t look as creepy as it’s counterparts. It’s also equipped with touch sensors that will make it moan. You can even change the voice to whatever you want. Just another example of the Japanese attempting to cease human re-population.

And, in my crazy hysteria, a perfect place to launch their Skynet like offensive…in the vulnerable confines of your bedroom. Oh yeah, I’m not the only one that thinks that that looks like a prepubescent girl.

It’s bad enough that the Japanese want us to bang robots, but they want us to bang underage robots. I wonder if you can go to jail for that…

1. JobBot


Forget the war against illegal aliens. How about we begin to face the war against job-bots. Exhibit one, the HRP-4C. This bot can change facial expressions to match real human emotions, as well as, walk and talk. It was designed by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology of Japan to work in environments that include repetitive and unskilled jobs.

There’s also the similar Kobian robot, which can also express human emotions, walk and talk. Although it’s not as “pretty” as the HRP-4C. Kobian will most likely be marketed to the health care industry. I seriously don’t know why the Japanese hate old people.

Finally, Kobian is an androgynous robot. I can’t tell if it’s supposed to be a dude or a chick, and I don’t think we’re supposed to know. There’s something really sketchy about a person, let alone a robot, that pushes sexual boundaries. It’s just not natural.

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    you are an idiot

  2. robinphilines says:

    America is already destroyed if we look according to robots stuff. Japan was good in robot technology and is going to remain best compared to America and I think it will take long for any country to develop such technologies.

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