JakPak: The Jacket That Becomes a Tent

Have you heard about the cultural clothing phenomenon known as Hobotech? No? Where have you been? Traipsing around the railroad tracks? Apparently, hobo-conventions are sort of sweeping the country and a kind of industry has grown up around this new trend.

Without further adieu, enter the JakPak; the jacket that transforms when you are not looking into a tent!

Although the concept has been utilized by the military and it is not at all new, at the cost of $250, one can only wonder how when this come s up for sale next spring any self respecting and non-working hobo can afford this cool contraption.

Talk about taking the boy scout credo of being prepared to new levels, this water-proof jacket has a routing system for iPod cords. Inside, extra fabric in the lining can be unfurled to create a sleeping bag. Via another large flap that is  integrated into the back, that sleeping bag becomes a one-person tent. The jacket interior even contains a mosquito net.

Ideal for overnight hikes  or for long journeys across the land, the JakPak will serve you well while eating in camps, riding on box cars or eating beans from a can.

All that is missing is the rabbit that comes out of the proverbial hat.

Perhaps that can be found in next year’s model?

Who can say?

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