The Jodie Marsh Controversies

Jodie Marsh is an English model and media personality who has appeared on her own reality show, Totally Jodie Marsh and topless in many tabloid newspapers.

Jodie is infamous for her rivalry with other celebrities, awkward and weird sense of style, profane lifestyle and failed relationships. It has been widely published in British tabloids that Jodie has had a string of relationships with other celebrities including Fran Cosgrave, Calum Best, Niall Mckenna, Conor O’Sullivan, ex-Blazin’ Squad singer and Celebrity Big Brother 2005 runner-up Kenzie. These relationships ended blaming Jodie’s constant drinking and poor personal hygiene.

Since October 2008, Jodie has been making it out with a woman, a hairdresser to be exact. In an issue of the Star magazine UK, Jodie said that if she had to choose, ‘I would be bi’.

Jodie is a vegetarian and supports the PETA’s campaign “All Animals have the same parts”. Now that’s good news.

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