5 Games That Train Your Killer Instinct

While it’s true that games are meant to be just for fun, sometimes they fall into the hands of people who do a little bit more than just play the game.

In fact, they do a lot more: They actually kill people in real life. Can games plant the seed for murderous behavior? Or, are murderers acting upon what’s hidden in every human’s psyche?

Regardless, here are 5 games that will train your killer instinct:

1. Clue

This board game was developed by Parker Brothers in 1948, and still remains a fun pastime for people. The game involves moving from room to room and solving a murder. Who murder who and with what? You even get miniature murder weapons.

This is definitely a game that would give the wrong people ideas on what to use in order to kill someone.

2. Battleship


This board game, developed by Milton Bradley in 1931, involves players using strategy to overcome other players in the form of naval maneuvers.

This game basically allows people to use the same strategies that were used in wars to capture targets and inevitably kill people.

The game fosters the resourcefulness that a person would need in order to follow through with a killer instinct.

3. Super Mario Bros

Board games were never the same when, in 1985, Nintendo released the first in a series of video games about these plumber brothers.

This game actually forced you to kill the bad guys (namely a large ugly monster named Bowser) for kidnapping the innocent Princess Toadstool.

4. Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto

This popular, yet highly controversial video game, was first released in 1997 by Rockstar Games.

The game involves a high level of role-playing, and much of that role playing involves killing. The graphics in the game are very realistic, so the game can affect In fact, several cases of violence have been cited as being influenced by this game.

Was it the game that truly affected the killer instinct of some of its players? You be the judge, but the answer’s pretty obvious.

5. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

While video games are still popular, PC games are now becoming even more popular. World of Warcraft is currently the largest MMORPG game of its kind. In this game (released by Blizzard Entertainment) you choose the character you want to be, and you choose whether you want to role play or just do normal player versus player.

Millions of people around the world play on a daily basis, and some even go so far as to be addicted to the game. As a player you participate in battlegrounds, and you go on quests. Most of these quests involve killing things (animals, people, monsters) in order to be rewarded.

The world we live in is one of increasing violence. Actually, violence has unfortunately always been a part of human culture.

These are just some of the games that involve lots of killing, and they can definitely affect an aggressive person’s psyche.

Games are supposed to be fun; they aren’t supposed to be real.

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  1. Really Terrible says:

    I’m feeling pretty violent right now towards the people who wrote this lame article, and towards myself for reading it.

  2. nick says:

    didnt think wow trianed your killer instinct

  3. I cannot say I love this game, I think it is really normal. It is worth to game but will only hold you having fun for more than a one or two hours. I would recommed that you should try css or game of life instead.

  4. dmanes778 says:

    i ned feedback for world of war craft