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L37 Jacket


Today’s young people are prone to influences from the environment in many forms which include lifestyle, entertainment, political views, and even street culture. The birth of hip-hop caused many to adapt to what’s hit in the street culture society such as the types of clothing and style. When Lady Z realized that she needs to change the typical design in clothing fused by her passion in fashion, she thought it would be better to replace the traditional skull head with something that represents complete eternity. That’s when the L37 was founded.

L37 is among the young clothing brands that have already established authenticity and royalty in design. Like many other labels, L37 started as a hobby, and now it’s being recognized because of its original concepts and themes. In a nut shell, L stands for Loyalty, 3 stands for Triple, and 7 signifies completeness, therefore L37 simply represents Triple Loyalty to the End.

There are inspiring designs in the L37 line that would make perfect impact to youths. This season’s theme captures youths’ attitude towards life’s challenges. Motivation and warfare are involved as to how young individuals deal with pressure especially in their spiritual battle.

Now, to be fully inspired, you need to taste the L37 goodness through an online contest conducted by SoJones. This allows you to win either a red varsity jacket from L37 ($320) or any of the t-shirts priced from $27 to $35. Visit SoJones and start answering the questions.

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