Lame Banana Gadgets to Get Your Pet Monkey this Christmas

The Japanese have reviled a new toy for kids six and under called…wait for it…the ‘dazzling banana’.

dazzling banana

The ‘dazzling banana’ is simply a device that simulates the peeling of a banana. But hold on, it gets better. This little gadget also comes with a built-in speaker to make the whole experience more realistic. Hmmm, never really remembered the sound made when peeling a banana.

The ‘dazzling banana’ is expected to hit stores in Japan this upcoming March, and will set folks back 640 yen, which is $6 that you could have flushed down the crapper instead.

Since we’re already on the topic of lame banana gadgets, here’s some more to make us demand that we relive the glory days of bananas. You know, like sticking them in the tailpipe of a car a la Beverly Hills Cop.

Banana USB Charger

banana usb charger

Battery chargers aren’t really a bad idea. But, a battery charger that looks like a banana? Not cool. This gadget charges up to two batteries when it’s plugged into your computer via the USB port.

Banana Flash Drive

banana flash drive

People are going completely overboard with designs for flash drives. Someone thought one that looked like a banana was clever, but, it just screams get a life.

Banana Cell Phone Cover

banana phone

You can slip this piece of foam over your phone and shazam! It looks like you have a banana phone. Dr. Cornelius may be jealous, but we’re not.

Banana Bunker

banana bunker

This is supposed to protect your fruit if you’re traveling around, but to me, it looks like a sex toy gone very wrong.

Banana Saver

banana saver

We all know that bananas don’t have a long life span once you peel one open. That’s where the banana saver comes in to save the day for people who can’t consume a banana in one sitting.

Banana Slicer

banana slicer

This is for people who are A) too lazy to cut a banana B) wear a helmet C) a demented soul who can’t play with knives.

Who would of thought this world had such an adoration for bananas?

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  1. They are cute. I like the concept of their creativity. So I could be considered as a pet monkey. 🙂

  2. dddddd says:

    i <3 the thumb drive!!!

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  4. Zuza says:

    I don't agree with you, a banana phone is something beyond awesome.

  5. Jordan says:

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  7. says:

    All that stuff for a banana? I don't get it. Who saves half of a banana?