Leaked Video and Pictures of Google Nexus 5 Smartphone

Is this the new Google Nexus 5?  We’re not sure but a mysterious video was leaked on YouTube over the weekend showing a demo of the next generation of Google’s flagship Android smartphone which has yet to be released.

The leaked Google Nexus 5 video is around seven minutes long and has no audio.  It shows a user running through the phone’s design, features and some applications.  However, the video does not show the phone running next version of the Android operating system called KitKat.  The video description states that the software running on the phone is likely an earlier version than what’ll be running on the phone when it launches.


There were also four pictures leaked yesterday from a Google+ user named Anton Kuznetsov in Russia.  See his post on Google+.  The pictures show the front, back and a side view of the phone.  There were more than 70 comments written as of now about the post asking for more.  Pictures of the KitKat operating system were not on this phone either.

Leaked Photos Google Nexus 5

Leaked Photos Google Nexus 5

When is the Google Nexus 5 supposed to be released?  There had been rumors of a Nexus 5release this week either Monday or Tuesday but that failed to materialize.  The next rumored launch date could be October 31st according to AndroidandMe’s Dustin Earley.  Stay tuned to for more updates on the launch.

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