165 Sex Euphemisms

sex positions missionary position 300x225 165 Sex Euphemisms

How do you say you had sex? Do you tell your friends you banged her? She might say you made love.

There are an infinite number of ways to say “having sex” without actually saying… “having sex”.

With as many euphemisms as there are for sex, it seems as if we have no better way to be creative. Yes, and some of the euphemisms are very creative. Here’s a list of 165 favorites.

Which ones of these have you heard of or used? Can you think of any others?


  1. a squeeze and a squirt
  2. bad boogey, the
  3. bake cookies
  4. ball
  5. bang
  6. batter dip the corn dog
  7. Taking the skin boat to tuna town
  8. [youtube][/youtube]

  9. belly to belly
  10. boff
  11. boink
  12. bone
  13. bonk
  14. boof
  15. boom-boom
  16. bouncing the pogo stick
  17. bump and grind
  18. bump fuzzies
  19. bump uglies
  20. bury the bone
  21. worm 300x262 165 Sex Euphemisms

  22. bury the one-eyed worm
  23. bush patrol
  24. butter the muffin
  25. check the oil
  26. churn butter
  27. clam stuff 300x237 165 Sex Euphemisms

  28. clam dip
  29. clean the carpet
  30. cream
  31. dance in the sheets
  32. deed, the
  33. dip the wick
  34. dip your pen in the ink
  35. dippity doo da
  36. do
  37. do it
  38. do the dirty
  39. exchange bodily fluids
  40. feed kitty 300x194 165 Sex Euphemisms

  41. feed the kitty
  42. fill the cream donut
  43. fit her clap flap
  44. fix her plumbing
  45. flop the hay
  46. fornicate
  47. four legged frolic
  48. frolic in the cornfield
  49. fuck
  50. funky chicken, the
  51. get a home run
  52. get busy
  53. get into one’s pants
  54. get it on
  55. get laid
  56. get rocks off
  57. get your nuts cracked
  58. give her a high hard one
  59. give her a pat
  60. glaze the donut
  61. go fishing
  62. hammer
  63. hanky panky
  64. hide the hot dog
  65. hide the salami
  66. hide the sausage
  67. hide the snake in the bush
  68. hide the weenie
  69. hippity dippitty
  70. hit it
  71. hobble the horsey
  72. hop upon the wild pony
  73. horizontal hustle
  74. horizontal mambo
  75. hot beef injection
  76. hot dog in a jungle
  77. hotdog 165 Sex Euphemisms

  78. hot dog on a bun
  79. hump
  80. humpty dumpty
  81. in and out, the
  82. juice someone
  83. jump one’s bones
  84. knock boots
  85. knock mops
  86. lay piping
  87. lie feet up
  88. lust and thrust, the
  89. make babies
  90. make it
  91. make love
  92. make some friction
  93. make whoopee
  94. mattress dance
  95. mattress mambo
  96. mingle limbs
  97. mommy-daddy dance
  98. mount
  99. nail
  100. naked dance, the
  101. naughty, the
  102. nookie
  103. park
  104. park the beef bus into tuna town
  105. park the Plymouth into the garage of love
  106. parting the pink sea
  107. party for two
  108. pass the gravy
  109. pickle tickle
  110. piece of ass
  111. plant your seed
  112. play doctor
  113. play in and out
  114. play on the hair court
  115. play pickle me/ tickle me
  116. plug and play
  117. plug the hole
  118. poke in the whiskers
  119. polish the porpose
  120. pop the cork
  121. pork
  122. pound
  123. probe
  124. probe the membrane
  125. put sour cream on the burrito
  126. put sour cream on the taco
  127. put the snake in the cave
  128. put the snake in the grease
  129. ram
  130. ride
  131. ride the baloney pony
  132. ride the hobby horse
  133. ride the skin bus into tuna town
  134. ride the wild bull
  135. roll in the hay
  136. rong her bell
  137. rumple the foreskin
  138. score
  139. scratch your itch
  140. screw
  141. service the clam
  142. sexercise
  143. shag
  144. sink it in
  145. sink the sub
  146. skin the cat
  147. slap bellies
  148. slime the banana
  149. smash pissers
  150. sow wild oats
  151. spank the cat
  152. spear the bearded clam
  153. stab the trout
  154. storm the trenches
  155. stuff the beaver
  156. stuff the taco
  157. sweep the chimney
  158. take “old one-eye” to the optomotrist
  159. the hole smash
  160. thread the needle
  161. throw a log on the fire
  162. tickle her belly from the inside
  163. two-person pushups
  164. ugly, the
  165. vulcanize the whoopee stick
  166. walk the dog
  167. water the lawn
  168. wet the wick
  169. whoopty-do, the
  170. [youtube][/youtube]

  171. wild thing, the

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  1. Anonymous says:

    make the beast with two backs

  2. dskmak says:

    pound the mattress

  3. I came across this blog because I’ve been exploring ways to get more confident with girls. Recently I girlfriend and I’m a bit nervous about returning to the whole “singles scene”. Unfortunately my “skills” with talking to girls are rusty, to say the least!

  4. Jake says:

    Spanking the hobo…

  5. doof says:

    do the nasty

  6. bebe says:

    We say "root", here in the Land of the Long White Cloud.

    And no, that's not a euphemism….or is it??!!

  7. Howdy says:

    Taking a tumble

  8. Shelly says:

    the ol' huff-and-wiggle

  9. Guest says:

    dunk the dinger

  10. Guest says:

    Takin' the skin club to the baby seal

  11. Jim says:

    a bit of "how's yer father", as we say in somerset.

  12. JBiz says:

    Bringin a guest to dinner

  13. Anonymous says:

    horizontal monster mash

  14. Annon. says:

    horizontal hokie pokie

  15. Curious says:

    Is there a sexual connotation to the phrase, 'I do like gravy with my beef. Don't you?'

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