New Trend of “Sex Surrogates”: Prostitution or Therapy?

There seems to be a new trend in the sex industry, and it’s not humping a robot, at least not just yet. Turns out that the trend is sex surrogates, which could stir up an interesting debate.

Sex surrogates are women that are hired by men to iron out sexual dysfunctions; by having sex with them of course.

krystal New Trend of Sex Surrogates: Prostitution or Therapy?

Immediately you may be thinking that this is awesome, a way to beat the system. Legal prostitution if you will. I mean it does sound that way.

However, sex surrogates argue that it’s more therapeutic that just getting a dude off.

They insist that it’s not a wham-bam-thank you mam type of thing, like your average woman of the night. Apparently, there are several sessions that a patient attends, so they can get to the root of their sexual problem, before intercourse occurs.

lisa New Trend of Sex Surrogates: Prostitution or Therapy?

Depending on the client, this includes everything from talking, setting the mood (candles and what not), bubble baths, massages, going out on dates and all the other stuff that we really don’t care about. Sex surrogates even help men phase out fetishes or develop social skills. Which, surprisingly, doesn’t always end in sex.

The crazy thing about this whole thing is that it’s not illegal, and sex surrogates are popping up in California, New York, Pennsylvania and Florida. However, they can’t really advertise their services and are usually referred to by therapists. If ads can be found, they’ll usually be in places where you’d expect them, where you could find escorts.

Now if you’re considering a sex surrogate, you should know the woman is not going to be some hot twenty-something blond with a nice rack. She’s most likely going to be a middle aged hippie who’s been doing this for some time. But, hey, there are some hot older ladies.

The more I read about this, the more I think it’s a little new age-y for my taste. I guess if you’ve got some serious issues, it could be worth it.

julia New Trend of Sex Surrogates: Prostitution or Therapy?

Maybe if I was a middle-aged married guy with some mommy issues, I would think differently. So yeah, I actually do think that there is some therapy to it.

If you’re looking to just pay for sex, or need to fulfill a fantasy, just stick with the oldest profession that exists. It may not be exactly therapeutic, but, you’ll feel good, and you’ll also be helping out the economy when her pimp uses his cut to buy some more ho-slapping rings.

Then again, what if these woman actually do this because they like getting nailed? Honestly, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. We all need to get laid.

But, since we’re in the 21st century, you could also try out a virtual sex surrogate. Probably not as a good as the real thing, but at least you could do this and not have anyone know about it.

 New Trend of Sex Surrogates: Prostitution or Therapy?

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 New Trend of Sex Surrogates: Prostitution or Therapy?
 New Trend of Sex Surrogates: Prostitution or Therapy?

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  1. Erik Stone says:

    For some people a prostitute is great therapy, for others, they may need a sex surrogate. Prostitution should be legal, just like smoking weed. Too bad stupid and crazy people run our government and crazy people vote for them. The crazies have to lie and dress up reality to be able to live with themselves and others, so they have have to call weed smoking, medical, and prostitutes, sex surrogates. Does it made any difference what you call it if it helps some people? Sure it hurts some people too, but you could say the same thing about life itself. They are working on outlawing when life helps people too or changing its name; it just hasn’t gotten through Congress yet.