Is Low-T a Serious Risk For Men?

You’ve most likely been vegging out on the couch and have caught an ad for something called low-T, which is short for low testosterone. Companies like Progene, Solvay Pharmaceuticals and Boost-Your-Low-Testosterone have been all over this current trend. So, I’ve been wondering, is this a valid phenomenon, or just drug companies out to make money at your expense?


As men get older, their levels of testosterone begin to drop. Science has proven that. However, is that just cause for guys to begin panicking? There’s a percentage, some studies show only 25%, of men who claim that they’ve become grumpy, enjoy life a lot less, and have a dramatically lowered libido. Doctors have given the names male menopause and andropause to these symptoms, or simply that low-T syndrome we mentioned earlier. This has generated a debate in the medical world. Some doctors, like Dr. Alvaro Morales, and psychologist Jed Diamond (which is too awesome of a name to be made-up) both agree that low-T is real. There’s been reports going back five hundred years to prove it exists, Dr. Morales claims. Diamond has stated that men are in denial about having any problems, which is probably why we don’t hear too much about it. On the other side of the debate is Dr. Richard Casey, who has stated that low-T is “largely promoted by industry, accepted by a handful of physicians and embraced by some patients who are looking for an antidote to aging.” Dr. Robert Butler has a similar view of that of Dr. Casey’s, which is that the drug companies are out to make money.

Research is still being conducted on low-T, so we could find out more information in the future. For now, it seems that there is a portion of men in their 50’s and 60’s who are having some testosterone issues, it’s estimated at around five million men and counting in the US. If that’s the case, there are several options. You can chose between pills, skin gel, patches and injections to get a little testosterone boost, either prescribed by a doctor or purchased from a direct to consumer ad, which is only allowed in the US and New Zealand, interesting. There’s also been successful results from cheaper means, like exercising (surprise, surprise) and herbal supplements. Of course, you could always just stick with one of our favorite things in life… porn. You didn’t imagine that. According to University of Rutgers sex researcher Helen Fisher, looking at porn raises your dopamine level, which in turn, raises your testosterone. In fact, she believes that being married with children, or even the simple task of hugging or kissing your girlfriend, wife, or kids lowers testosterone. Researchers in Germany have also found similar results. They’ve discovered that just having an erection will boost testosterone, whether by watching porn or having sex.

This debate will probably continue to grow, as more drug companies will most likely pump up their low-T marketing, and the baby boomers continue to get old. Keep a watchful eye on what research you look into, some are independent and others are from manufacturers like Solvay Pharmaceuticals, so that will obviously alter the view. Also make sure to research the side effects and health hazards, guys with heart conditions or prostate cancer could have problems. Overall, it looks like low-T isn’t something many of us can avoid. As noted earlier, men lose testosterone as they age. What seems like a most rational decision, in at least trying to curve the symptoms, is to just take care of yourself. Pretty much the best remedy for everything. If being healthy isn’t working out for you, there’s also attempting the porn regiment. Sounds a lot better than getting injections or swallowing pills.

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