Man Leaps From Plane and Vanishes Into Thin Air

In a now you see it, now you don’t trick that not even the likes of Houdini could pull off, several witnesses in the Egg Harbor Township of New Jersey reported seeing a man leap from a plane at high altitude without a parachute into densely populated Atlantic City.

As witnesses watched in horror, they saw him descend further and further before disappearing entirely from view. And yet despite their collective credibility and the massive search that ensued, the man seems to have completely vanished into thin air, as the saying goes.

The incident is reminiscent of the DB Cooper case in November of 1971 in which a skyjacker after threatening the safety of all passengers with a bomb demanded and received $200,000 in cash. He then jumped from the rear stairs of the Boeing 727 plane at 10,000 feet, with winds gusting at 80 knots and a freezing rain pounding the airplane. He was never seen again, although some of the money was recovered.

The question remains: How does a person fall from a plane and then vanish?

There are a few possibilities, none of which can be proven. Witnesses could have been mistaken; perhaps something other than a person fell from the plane. It could also be a hoax involving a dummy, but who or why remains unanswered.

It is also possible that someone really did fall from the plane and even crashed into the ground or a body of water. If this happened, then it is also feasible that the body could have fallen somewhere hidden. Maybe it was discovered by people on the ground and removed for whatever reason. Perhaps the most unsettling possibility is that it could have been part of a drug smuggling ring and that someone on the ground retrieved whatever was thrown from the plane.

Why anyone would jump out of a plane and not open his or her parachute is indeed a mystery, but that is not the strangest aspect of this bizarre true tale.

The weirdest part is that no airline reported any passenger or crew member missing from their planes.

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