Man Shoots Wife Using Toilet Paper Instead of Bullets

Reidsville, North Carolina was the site of a most bizarre happening a few months back concerning a shooting and the most unusual choice of ammunition.

Thirty-eight-year old Lonnie Pinnix was arrested for allegedly loading a gun with a wad of toilet paper and shooting his wife, Darlene, aged 55, in the back.

The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office made the arrest and spokesman, Dean Venable, stated that the woman was shot in the back when she lay down on the bed and refused her husband’s demands to get back up and leave the premises.

The police arrived on the scene to find Darlene Pinnix in bed crying in severe pain. Before being transported to a nearby hospital to receive treatment for powder burns, she told police that she came home after midnight to find her husband acting strangely agitated. He pointed a pistol at her and insisted she get up, but before she could do so, he fired the gun.

Mr. Pinnix, either intoxicated or just plain deluded, informed the police that he loaded the pistol with toilet paper instead of bullets because his wife “would not leave” the home they shared.

It’s not clear why she should have left the house or how he came up with the idea to use toilet paper as ammunition.

Was he being thoughtful?

One thing is certain.

Mrs. Pinnix can do without this kind of consideration.

His bond was set at $1,000.

Will Mrs. Pinnix take her shooter back?

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