He Got Married Again?!? Multiple Marriages of Celebrities

Did you know that the divorce rate in the United States is at 50% for first marriages, 67% for second marriages, and is at a rate of a whopping 74% for third marriages? Some celebrities would like to know what the statistics are for fourth, fifth, and sixth marriages. So much for the “sanctity of marriage! Did you know that there are many famous people that have not been married more than three times? Here’s a list of those who have been married five or more times.

Kid McCoy (10 times)

Kid McCoy, real name of Norman Selby, was a world championship boxer of the late 19th and early 20th century. It gets a little confusing as some people think that he was only married 8 times. He was only married to 8 women, but was married a total of 10 times. The names and details are sketchy, but it’s true enough that he didn’t necessarily take wedding vows very seriously.

Zsa Zsa Gabor (9 times)

Now at the age of 92, Gabor is a socialite, famous actress, and former beauty queen that is on her ninth marriage. Her current marriage has lasted over twenty years! I guess for her, the ninth time’s the charm. Her list of husbands:

Burhan Asaf Belge: 1937 – 1941; DIVORCED
Conrad Hilton: April 10, 1942 – 1947; DIVORCED
George Sanders: April 2, 1949 – April 2, 1954; DIVORCED
Herbert Hutner: November 5, 1962 – March 3, 1966; DIVORCED
Joshua S. Cosden, Jr.: March 9, 1966 – October 18, 1967; DIVORCED
Jack Ryan: January 21, 1975 – August 24, 1976; DIVORCED
Michael O’Hara: August 27, 1976 – 1983; DIVORCED
Felipe de Alba: April 13, 1983 – April 14, 1983; ANNULMENT
Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt: August 14, 1986 to present; STILL MARRIED!

Elizabeth Taylor (8 times)

Though she’s a former actress, she’s just as famous, if not more so for her numerous marriages. Since she was divorced for the last time over a decade ago and has never remarried, it MIGHT be safe to say that she’s finally figured out that she and marriage don’t go well together. Former husbands:

Conrad “Nicky” Hilton: May 6, 1950 – January 29, 1951; DIVORCED
Michael Wilding: February 21, 1952 – January 26, 1957; DIVORCED
Michael Todd: February 2, 1957 – March 22, 1958; WIDOWED
Eddie Fisher: May 12, 1959 – March 6, 1964; DIVORCED
Richard Burton: March 15, 1964 – June 26, 1974; DIVORCED
Richard Burton (AGAIN!): October 10, 1975 – July 29, 1976; DIVORCED
John Warner: December 4, 1976 – November 7, 1982; DIVORCED
Larry Fortensky: October 6, 1991 – October 31, 1996; DIVORCED

Mickey Rooney (8 times)

Now in his late 80s, Rooney has not only been married 8 times, but has a total of nine children as a result of four out of the eight marriages. He was quoted as saying, “Always get married early in the morning. That way if it doesn’t work out, you haven’t wasted a whole day”; words he lived by for a long time. He’s been married to his current wife for over 30 years. Rooney’s wives past and present:

Ava Gardner: 1942-1943; DIVORCED
Betty Jane Rase: 1944-1949; DIVORCED
Martha Vickers: 1949-1951; DIVORCED
Elaine Devry: 1952-1958; DIVORCED
Barbara Ann Thomason: 1958-1966; DIVORCED
Marge Lane: 1966-1967; DIVORCED
Carolyn Hockett: 1969-1974; DIVORCED
Jan Chamberlin: 1978-present (shown in the picture); STILL MARRIED!

Artie Shaw (8 times)

The multi-talented Artie Shaw was a jazz musician, composer, and an accomplished writer. He was also an accomplished husband – EIGHT TIMES! His former wives:

Jane Carns: 1931 – 1932; DIVORCED
Margaret Allen: 1933 – 1937; DIVORCED
Lana Turner: 1940; DIVORCED
Betty Kern: 1940 – 1943; DIVORCED
Ava Gadener: 1944 – 1946; DIVORCED
Kathleen Windsor: 1945 – 1948; DIVORCED
Doris Dowling: 1951 – 1952; DIVORCED
Evelyn Keyes: 1945 – 1985; DIVORCED

Lana Turner (8 times)

A lot of people will tell you that she was married only 7 times, but actually she was married 8 times, but one marriage was annulled. When she was married to Josef Stephen Crane the first time, the marriage was annulled because the divorce to his previous wife hadn’t been finalized yet. After the divorce was final, the couple remarried.

Artie Shaw: 1940; DIVORCED
Josef Stephen Crane: 1942 – 1943; ANNULLED
Josef Stephen Crane (AGAIN!): 1943 – 1944; DIVORCED
Henry J. Topping, Jr.: 1948 -1952; DIVORCED
Lex Barker: 1953 -1957; DIVORCED
Fred May: 1960 -1962; DIVORCED
Robert P. Eaton: 1965 – 1969; DIVORCED
Ronald Pellar: 1969 – 1972; DIVORCED

Boris Karloff (6 times)

Karloff is an old school actor best known for his roles as monsters in movies such as Frankenstein (1931) and The Mummy (1932). What he isn’t as well known for is his six marriages. Karloff’s wives:

Grace Harding: 1910-1913; DIVORCED
Olive de Wilton: married 1915; DIVORCED
Montana Laurena Williams: married 1920; DIVORCED
Helene Vivian Soule: 1924-1928; DIVORCED
Dorothy Stine: 1928-1946; DIVORCED
Evelyn Hope Helmore: 1946-1969; DIVORCED

Jerry Lee Lewis (6 times)

Though he was a brilliant singer and musician, Jerry Lee Lewis couldn’t get away from scandals in his personal life. His divorce from his first wife wasn’t final until after he was married to his second wife. His third marriage was to his 14 year old second cousin. Jerry Lee Lewis’ former wives:

Dorothy Barton: February 21, 1952 – October 8, 1953; DIVORCED
Jane Mitcham: married September 15, 1953; DIVORCED
Myra Gale Brown: December 12, 1957 – 1970; DIVORCED
Jaren Elizabeth: 1971 – 1982; SHE DIED
Shawn Michelle: 1983; SHE DIED
Kerrie McCarver: 1984 – 2003; DIVORCED

Arlene Dahl (6 times)

A film actress, particularly well known and active in the late 1940s and the 1950s, Arlene has been married a total of six times. She’s still in her last marriage and it’s lasted 25 years so far. Her list of marriages:

Lex Barker: 1951 -1952; DIVORCED
Fernando Lamas: 1954 -1960; DIVORCED
Chris Holmes: 1960 -1964; DIVORCED
Alexis Lichine: 1964 -1969; DIVORCED
Rounsevelle W. Schaum: 1969 -1976; DIVORCED
Marc Rosen: 1984 – present; STILL MARRIED!

Billy Bob Thornton (5 times)

Billy Bob Thornton is not only very active in show business (as an actor, director, playwright, screenwriter, and musician), but is also very active in his personal life. He’s been married five times… so far. His list of former wives:

Melissa Lee Gatlin: 1978-1980; DIVORCED
Toni Lawrence: 1986-1988; DIVORCED
Cynda Williams: 1990-1992; DIVORCED
Pietra Dawn Cherniak: 1993-1997; DIVORCED
Angelina Jolie (in the picture): 2000-2003; DIVORCED

Joan Collins (5 times)

Much like her role in Dynasty (1981 – 1989), Joan Collins has had some relationships that are full of drama. Though there have been others that have been married more times, she’s one that really stands out in the public for multiple marriages. Her husbands:

Maxwell Reed: May 24, 1952 – 1956; DIVORCED
Anthony Newley: May 27, 1963 – 1970; DIVORCED
Ron Kass: March 1972 – 1983; DIVORCED
Peter Holm: November 3, 1985 – August 25, 1987; DIVORCED
Percy Gibson: February 17, 2002 – present; STILL MARRIED (for nor)

Richard Burton (5 times)

Richard Burton, a well known actor from the 1940s and 1950s is perhaps better known as the man that married Elizabeth Taylor – twice. Burton had been married three other times as well. Richard Burton’s former wives:

Sybil Williams: 1949-1963; DIVORCED
Elizabeth Taylor: 1964-1974; DIVORCED
Elizabeth Taylor (AGAIN!): 1975-1976; DIVORCED
Susan Hunt: 1976-1982; DIVORCED
Sally Hay: 1983-1984; HE DIED

Lex Barker (5 times)

It’s only fitting that the last name on the list should belong to former American actor Lex Baker. He was married five times and you’ll recognize wife numbers 2 and 3 as they were on this list previously. His former wives were:

Constanze Thurlow: 1942 – 1950; DIVORCED
Arlene Dahl: 1951 – 1952; DIVORCED
Lana Turner: September 8, 1953 – July 22, 1957; DIVORCED
Irene Labhardt: 1957 – 1962; SHE DIED
Maria del Carmen Cervera: 1965 – 1972; HE DIED

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