Home Fixtures, Equations and Math Whizzes

Are you a math freak? Does reading about Pythagoras and his theorems send little shivers up your spine? Does every line you see form part of a geometric figure or equation? Do you yearn to be squared? If the answer to even one of these questions is yes, boy do I have some home décor for you!

If you are good at math and just a little bit of a show-off, some interesting home fixtures may be just the thing to create an environment that is arithmetically palatable and encouraging (whatever the hell that means). Still, you should take a look, because I guarantee you that if nothing else, they will make you smile!

Designed by Mingyu Jeung, the lamp illustrated below gives a new definition to contemporary lighting and problem solving. Sort of similar to singing for your supper, one has to earn the right to turn the lamp on by solving a randomly generated math problem, which makes it simultaneously challenging and immensely annoying.

A chalkboard is conveniently available and there’s no question that this unique lamp design makes one think twice before turning on the light! There’s only one itsy bitsy problem. How can you solve the problem in the dark?

Geek mathematical clocks make you work for the knowledge of what time it is as well. Made from metal, these clocks feature mathematical equations. The numbers are printed in white on a black background and in addition to making an interesting (if not pretentious) addition to your décor, it is also a very effective time-keeper. For $25, you can truly knock your brains out and after you solve all the equations, you can then go out (without passing go or collecting $200) and buy a simple clock that will merely tell you the time.

The Equation Bookshelf is in a class of home furnishings all by itself. It is certainly a conversation piece that adorns your walls. Created by Estudio, this creative shelving is designed like a mathematical equation. It utilizes symbols such as parentheses, square brackets and curly brackets, which all represent an order of precedence.

If your mathematical side is still not impressed, consider adding the Square Root Table and/or the Ceva bathtub to your home. Made of ten individual pieces, which include walnut, aluminum, glue and four screws, this table is very easy to repair and perfect for homes with a contemporary décor. The luxurious Ceva bathtub was created by Marco Tallarida and is named after Giovanni Ceva, an Italian mathematician. Designer Hugh Thomas was inspired by geometric shapes and this tub represents a fresh and ergonomic take on interior bathroom décor.

Algorithms has always been a source of some confusion for those non-geeks among us (Is my slip showing?) Algorithm lighting, however, is a horse (or light) of another color. The artistic lights come from Materailise, and represent part of the ‘E-volution’ collection.

Sitting near a computer is sometimes not enough. For some, being “inside one” is better, or at least so it seems for that breed of computer die-hards. The keyboard number chair with its multi-colored mishmash, fills this odd need to be as close to the keyboard as possible. In doing so, it renders that expression about keeping one’s nose to the grindstone a bit inappropriate and passé, as other body parts take precedence in this seating arrangement.

Consider some of these incredible designs if contemporary geek décor is your thing. Even if it isn’t, some of these items are great conversation pieces, if nothing else.

Thinking outside the box is something we should all do more often, for look at what can happen when we do!

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