Meet in the Vegetable Aisle and Later…Who Knows?

European studies on purchasing power have yielded some unexpected results. It has been determined that there is a strong connection between female consumer purchasing power and liberation in matters of an intimate nature.

These sexual statistics surfaced during a survey intended solely to determine the purchasing power of the population at large. Commissioned by the European Union (EU), sociologists discovered that 86% of women were comfortable making contact with men in supermarkets and that 77% of them were amenable to non-vegetable/frozen foods encounters.

In order to defray expenses incurred by the prevailing economic crisis, the study revealed that both employed and unemployed women are spending more and more time shopping in search of products that are cheaper. Flirting between shelves of stocked goods appears to be a safe and more enjoyable way to comparison shop. While that old expression promises that familiarity does indeed breed contempt, in this case it is apparent that it breeds something else of a more intimate nature.

Anna Clijsters, director of the European Centre said:

“I think this is due to the fact that a woman feels in the store as if she’s on her territory. She is much more confident and liberated than in other places… In addition, men who choose to purchase for the house, cause the majority of both single and married women to display only positive emotions towards a man doing this chore.”

Whatever the truth and to whatever extent it may or may not apply, you have to admit that the idea of selecting a date with two legs at the same time one is selecting a date with a pit and no legs puts a new light on anyone’s next trip to the market.

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