The Michigan Wax Museum:One Weird First Impression

The Michigan Wax Museum is located just six minutes from the Mackinac Bridge in the wild and beautiful upper peninsula of Michigan. While this seems normal and grounded enough in a region long known for its colorful characters and curious occurrences, nothing in this museum is as it seems.

An educational and fun experience for families and tour groups of all ages, this truly unique museum is a “must see” for all visitors to Michigan.

The Michigan Wax Museum represents interaction on a rather waxy level. Here, history and folklore are recreated with dioramas featuring life-sized wax figures. The tour is uniquely engaging and lots of fun.

Some of the characters exhibited here really lived and others exist only in legend and/or vivid imagination of believers, but all of them come alive in the many exhibits at the Wax Museum.

Some of the actual historic figures include James Jessie Strang, the King of Beaver Island, whose twelve-year-rule ended with his assassination, The Underground Railroad Female Stationmaster, the Grand Rapids Wooden Leg Murderer and a long-bearded religious sect traveling baseball team!

Some legendary figures (or are they?) such as the Snake Princess of Belle Isle, whose power over animals was considered mystical, the Soop Cemetery ghosts and the Michigan Dog Man are also here in uncomfortable view.

One of them, the Michigan Dog Man, is a tale told at many a campfire. Sightings of the man-like creature with lupine features in the fields and woods of northern Michigan all concur that whatever it is, it walks on its hind legs, but has hair all over its face, pointed ears and a protruding snout that suggests a dog-like something or other.

The museum officially opened in June of 2007, but the idea for its creation was ten years in the making. It was the dream of brothers, J.B. and Neal Bieske and their nephew, Ken Witzgall, who was recruited to run the museum. In his own words:

“Our goal always has been to create an affordable attraction which caters to family members of all ages. It is important to us that we are family affordable; our admission price is only a fraction of that for almost all other celebrity wax museums; for example, Madame Tussaud’s Museums charge just under $30 for an adult admission. Our adult rate is only $7. Special rates are also available for children and groups.”

The museum is just a stone’s throw away from St. Ignace’s Mystery Spot and the two attractions represent their own little weird sort of twilight zone.

A visit will leave the observer fascinated by those things in the world one cannot readily explain, not to mention the slightest dash of a need to peer slightly over one’s shoulder to make sure nothing is coming.

So come and visit the Michigan Wax Museum. It’s a first impression like no other you will ever experience.

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  1. Sylvia says:

    It's cool to just take funny pictures at the wax museums.. In San Antonio they have an Obama wax figure, and one of Marilyn Monroe. Don't get me started on the Obama one.. It's "neat" to say the least.

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