Missouri Man Wins Lottery Twice

They say that people from Missouri are hard to convince and that lightning never strikes twice in the same place. Well, for one man from Bonne Terre, Missouri, his good luck is truly not to be believed. What are the odds that one person could hit the lottery jackpot twice? Well, the answer is 1 in 1.36 million to be exact.

Ernest Pullen, aged 57, won his first million dollars this past June. It was one of those scratch-off lottery tickets with a “100 Million Dollar Blockbuster” prize. If that isn’t spectacular enough, he did it AGAIN against even greater odds in September, winning double that amount on a “Mega Monopoly” scratch ticket. According to officials of the Missouri lottery, his winning ticket was purchased on September 17th.

The store manager of the Miller’s Quick Shop, Misty Eye, who sold the prize- winning ticket, told the press:

“That was his second time winning… He acted like it was no big deal.”

Pullen became the first Missouri Lottery player to win $1 million or more on a Scratchers ticket more than once. Not even he believes he could pull this off a third time.

He said: “My wife said she’s winning the next time.”

Ernest Pullen was not available for either comments or congratulations. Lottery officials did claim that he told them he considered himself a “lucky guy” who actually had a dream about winning the lottery shortly before it happened. Of all the options available, Pullen decided to take $1.3 million before taxes after the second win.

After all, as he told the lottery officials, he needs some cash to fix up his house!

$1.3 million is a lot of home repairs, no?

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