Will We Ever Uncover the Truth About the Montauk Monster?

Straight out of the script of a bad horror movie comes this true tale about a gruesome creature photographed on the shores of New York’s Long Island last month.

Most unsettling is the fact that whatever it is, it resembles photographs of a bizarre creature that washed up last summer. What is it? Will we ever know?


According to Nicky Papers who maintains a blog on all things relating to Montauk, Long Island and its mysteries:

“The beast smelled like a mix of low-tide and rotten garbage. It really smelled horrific. I couldn’t help but take numerous pictures of it and video clips.”

The monster from last summer, which this creature greatly resembles, was never identified even though photos of its gruesome face and form became a big Internet sensation. Some have guessed it to be the remains of a raccoon, a turtle, a pig or a dog.

Whatever it was, according to, allegedly those remains disintegrated and/or disappeared (convenient, n’est ce pas?) before they could be examined. This website has documented last year’s find in detail, but claims that this newly-found creature is currently on ice.

Looking at the pictures, even though there is some legitimate controversy about whether this creature is real or not, there are flies all around the carcass and this probably wouldn’t occur if the flesh were plastic or some other synthetic substance. (Of course, a prankster could pour honey or something else that would attract flies to it.)  Ultimately, no one knows what this thing is, a fact which is far less comforting than believing it is a fake.

It has been said that similar creatures have washed up on beaches in the USA, UK and Russia. These new remains photographed in May have renewed interest and speculation into the mystery.

According once again to Nicky Papers:

“It doesn’t matter if the new beastie turns out to come from mundane origins, as long as this time, the world learns what it really is.”


The carcass, which is some sort of rodent-like creature with a dinosaur beak, was found in Southold, New York, on the Bay Area (the North Fork of Long Island). Loren Coleman, a crypto-zoologist, first coined the moniker the “Montauk Monster” last summer, and it quickly spread globally via the Internet.

Email, weblogs and photographs were widely circulated, and the national media picked up on it as well.  Even Snopes of urban legend fame noted the potential of the Montauk Monster for its archives.

But what is it? Speculation includes theories that the Montauk Monster might have been a turtle without its shell, even though a turtle’s shell cannot be removed without damaging the spine; nor do they have teeth, which cannot be missed in the photo of the Montauk Monster.

It has also been rumored that perhaps the creature is the result of a science experiment gone horribly awry from  the nearby government animal testing facility, the Plum Island Animal Disease Center. Immersion in water for an extended period of time before coming to rest on the shore could account for an alteration in appearance, causing difficulties in the creature’s identification.

In an episode of the History Channel show Monster Quest, a representative from the Plum Island Animal Disease Center speculated, after seeing other, close-up photos of the creature’s face, that it was a diseased or mutilated Boxer dog.

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  1. Gino says:

    These unfortunate creatures are simply dogs that have drowned in the ocean. They have swollen after drowning as would any land dwelling creature. The areas most vulnerable to rapid decay and sloughing off, the mouth and nose, have been lost. Thank god the author didn't come upon a drowned human!

    • Hi Gino,
      I didn't "come up" with anything. I merely reported what I read from several different sources. Maybe it's a dog; who knows? To me it looks more like a pig, except for that awful mouth.
      Thank you for your thoughts.

  2. doug says:

    hah hah hah hah hah it was just a dead raccoon that got lit on fire and sent out to sea on a pool toy by a bunch of drunks on shelter island