Timeline of Multiple No-Hitters in A Single Baseball Season

History was made on October 6, 2010. If you’re a sports fan, than you know that I’m talking about Roy Halladay and his post-season debut. With Doc’s perfect game earlier in the season, and now his no-hitter in a playoff game, he’s now officially joined a very exclusive group of pitchers. Here’s a timeline of the company that Doc is now a part of with his two no-hitters in a single season, and that little no-hitter in a playoff game.

June 11 & June 15, 1938

Johnny Vander Meer of the Cincinnati Reds not only got two no-hitters in one season, he got them consecutively. The first no-hitter was against the Boston Braves, the second occurred at Ebbets Fields against the Brooklyn Dodgers. To break this record a pitcher today would have to pitch three no-hitters in a row, I’m thinking that could never happen.

July 12 & September 28, 1951

Yankees ace Allie Reynolds became the second player in MLB history to earn two no-hitters in one season. On July 12 his first no-hitter came at the expense of the Cleveland Indians. The second took place at Yankee Stadium against Ted Williams and their bitter rivals the Red Sox.

May 15 & September 25, 1952

A year after Reynolds, Virgil Trucks of the Detroit Tigers became the third member of this exclusive club. The Washington Senators were his first victim on May 15. He actually came close to throwing a no-hitter against them during their rematch on July 22, if not for Eddie Yost hitting a single. Trucks did get his second no-hitter against the Yanks, at Yankee Stadium on September 25.

October 8, 1956

It was Game 5 of the World Series between the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Yankees. Yankees pitcher Don Larsen not only threw a no-hitter, it was a perfect game. Larsen became the first player to ever accomplish such a feat in the World Series, even playoffs for that matter.

May 15 & July 15, 1973

The Express was one of the greatest pitchers ever. He could control, dominate and intimidate better than any other player who stepped up to the mound. So, it only makes sense that he’s also on this list. Nolan Ryan became only the fourth player to throw two no-hitters in one season while with the California Angels. The first against Kansas City, the second against Detroit, matter of fact, these were his first two no-hitters in the majors, he would receive five more in his career.

May 29 & October 6, 2010

Roy Halladay became the 20th member of the perfect game club when he shut down the Marlins on May 29. He further solidified himself as one of the best pitchers in the game when the Phillies dominated the Reds in the first game of the NLDS. Halladay became just the fifth player to ever pitch two no-hitters in a single season. He became just the second to obtain a no-hitter in the post-season. What’s even more impressive is that he became the first player to ever have a no-hitter in the regular season and post-season.

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