Nasty Goliath Tiger Fish Caught on Camera

A British fisherman named Jeremy Wade has caught a five-foot long, 110 pound tiger fish during a fishing expedition along the Congo River in Africa.

One of the world’s most fearsome freshwater fish, its 32 terrifying teeth are similar to those on a great white shark and the species is believed to be a deadlier version of the dreaded piranha.

Even crocodiles scamper out of the way when Hydrocynus Goliath comes looking for lunch, and these huge fish fear nothing and will attack anything that moves. They are found in many rivers and lakes on the African continent, and are fierce predators with distinctive protruding and very sharp teeth.

Mr. Wade said of his discovery: “It is very rare to catch one, especially by an outsider because they are found in such a remote…location. There are no guides or lodges on that part of the Congo River.”

Angler Jeremy Wade wrestled the 5ft-long goliath tiger-fish and reeled it in as part of a television show about mythical reports from around the world of humans being attacked by unknown monsters from the deep. He used catfish as bait and a 91kg (200 pound) line.

Wade stood back from the monster fish until it was safely in his landing net and expressed real fear about handling it for the cameras. He told the press:

“It is a very dangerous fish to handle. If you aren’t careful it could easily take your finger off or worse.”

After carefully avoiding the creature’s razor-sharp teeth while posing for photos, the angler returned the fish to the river.

Moonlight swim, anyone?

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