Is The NFL Returning to L.A.? 7 Teams That Might Make the Move

It’s been over fifteen years now since Los Angeles has had the NFL.

It’s actually rather amazing, with L.A. only being the second largest metropolitan area in the country, that the NFL has been vacant there for so long.

After all, this is the same region with multiple teams in all the other major sports. The NBA with the Lakers and Clippers. MLB has the Dodgers, and the nearby, Angels. Heck, the NHL has two teams skating around L.A., the Kings and Mighty Ducks of Anaheim.

For years there’s been talk of bringing the NFL back to the City of Angels, but that’s pretty much all it’s been. It seems that the city is used for more of a bargaining chip for teams to get new stadiums, rather than the actuality of a team relocating there.

But, it looks like that may all change.

Majestic Realty Co., the company enticing the NFL back to L.A., has stated that they’re eying up seven NFL franchises.

Before fans begin to panic, it doesn’t seem feasible that L.A. will have a stadium complete anytime soon. And, with the chance of a strike in 2011, it could get delayed further.

Finally, a little rant, if you will.

If Los Angeles really wanted a NFL team, they could have had one. The city didn’t want to accommodate the Rams and Raiders when they had them. Why do you think those teams moved? They got what they asked for.

So, at least for me, I don’t wanna hear all the whining about Los Angeles not having a NFL team. You had your chance, twice, and blew it. If you actually get a team back, make sure you learned a lesson and treat them right this time around.

Here are the seven teams that could possibly be relocating to L.A., with the least to most likely.

7. Buffalo Bills

If Buffalo was going to move, it would be to Toronto.

They have a fan base in next door Canada, and it wouldn’t disrupt the AFC East. However, despite the Bills being heavily targeted for L.A., owner Ralph Wilson has assured fans that they’re staying put. The only problem is that Wilson is old, like bones becoming dust old. Who knows how many more years he has left, which means the next owner could relocate.

To make everyone happy on both sides of the border, in 2008 the Bills agreed to play five regular season games and three exhibition games in Toronto throughout the next five years.

6. San Francisco 49ers

It would make some sense to move the Niners south to L.A, but only if they take the girl above with them.

They could remain in the NFC West, and maybe, a relocation could give this once elite franchise a spark to get back to glory days.

But, it’s still very unlikely.

The team is embedded in San Fran and are on the road to rebuilding another competitive team. Besides, the Niners and the city of San Francisco are trying to negotiate a new stadium, which means that Majestic isn’t going to interfere.

5. Minnesota Vikings

There had been talk of Toronto eying up the Vikings, so why not throw L.A. in the mix? I guess a Viking could blend in in Hollywood. Right?

But, like the 49ers, the Vikings and their host city are trying to get a new stadium worked out. Also, I can’t see the fans letting go of a team that’s been there so long . If the Vikings were to move to the West Coast, there would have to be some alignment changes. The Vikings could move to the NFC West and then maybe the Rams would shift to the NFC North. But, I would hate to see that legendary NFC North division broken up.

4. San Diego Chargers

The Chargers actually spent their first year in the league in L.A. before heading south, so there’s a bit of history between the two.

Another reason why the Chargers could relocate is that they have a fair-weather fan base. The AFC West would also remain in tact. The biggest hold up is that the Bolts and San Diego are thinning out plans for a new stadium.

But would the Chargers really want to change the, uh, scenery?

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

Besides Buffalo, this is the other team being heavily pursued by Majestic.

The Jags, even though they aren’t that shabby of a team, may want out of Jacksonville. The reason why is that the fans just aren’t going to the games. If this trend continues, the Jags may have no other choice but to jet out of Florida, even though their own Wayne Weaver denies such a move.

If the Jags were to move to L.A., this would alter the AFC. The Jags would probably move into the AFC West and the Chiefs would have to slide on over to the AFC South. Personally, I wouldn’t want to see the AFC West broken up, even if it’s a crappy division. They have some long standing, and heated, rivalries.

2. St. Louis Rams

The Rams spent the 1946 to 1994 seasons in L.A. With that kind of history, it’s no wonder that they should move back, like getting back with your crazy ex. There’s a certain sense of comfort to it. It also wouldn’t effect any division changes. So far, so good.

Oh yeah, the team is for sale. Not to mention, that during their fifteen seasons in St. Louis, only 4 have of been winning seasons. Needless to say, it looks like the Rams may have worn out their welcome in St. Louis.

1. Oakland Raiders

Al Davis did it before, without the leagues permission mind you, so why wouldn’t he do it again?

Davis is a batty and senile old man, so he’s capable of anything. If L.A. builds a new stadium, he will come.

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  1. CityofAnglos says:

    We should rename whatever team we get to the L.A. Invaders to pay respect to our ever increasing illegal imigrant population. They should then be in there own division where they are exempt from league rules, fines etc…., but still reap the benefits of playing in the NFL.