Nine Hottest Anthropomorphic Female Characters from Hollywood

Admit it, even though you feel dirty and guilty about it, sometimes everyone finds female alien/animal/other human-like life forms or phenomenon from Hollywood movies attractive, and Hollywood knows it. There’s nothing like a sexy anthropomorphic alien to help keep your attention during a film. Sometimes you even might catch yourself cursing God you weren’t born into their species. Anyway, I present for your viewing pleasure the ten hottest anthropomorphic female characters from Hollywood.

9. Mystique (X-men, 2000)

Mystique is the super hot villainess from the X-men comics and the film series. She is a blue, shape shifting, yellow-eyed vixen. In the films, she is played by the super sexy Rebecca Romijn.

8. Ari (Planet of the Apes, 2001)

This terrible remake of the 1968 classic, directed by Tim Burton, features his woman Helena Bonham Carter as Ari, the ape hottie.

7. Lola Bunny (Space Jam, 1996)

Although arguably all three of the Star Wars prequels suck compared to the original trilogy, they do offer some sexy alien eye candy. Amy Allen plays the sexy Aayla Secura, the foxy Twi’lek jedi.

6. Madison (Splash, 1984)

Man, was Daryl Hannah hot?

5. Plavalaguna (The Fifth Element, 1997)


One of the oddest choices for our list, the undoubtedly French woman Maiwenn Le Besco plays Plavalaguna in The Fifth Element, the oddly attractive alien opera pop star who has precious cargo inside her blue body.

4. Ann &  Tann Gella (Stars Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace, 1999)

The second appearance of hot Twi’leks from the Star Wars series. These twin hotties played slave to Sebulba in episode I. The real life twins Nishan and Nifa Hindies got modeling gigs after the film due to their hotness.

3. Sil (Species, 1999)

The smokin’ Natasha Henstridge played the succubus alien Sil in the shitball film Species. She was the only reason to watch this stupid movie.

2. Grendel’s Mother (Beowulf, 2007)

Although pretty cool to watch in Imax 3D, Beowulf was a kind of a stinker. Still, Angelina Jolie needs no introduction as the beautifully evil mother of the dragon Grendel.

1. Neytiri (Avatar, 2009)

Avatar, another badass movie to see in 3D, features the super sexy Zoe Saldana as Neytiri, the 10-foot tall, blue Na’vi  warrior princess. Why are all the hot movie aliens  blue?

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