North Carolina Bigfoot: A Tale of Yellow Hair and Six Fingers

Tim Peeler of Casar, North Carolina claims that unusual screeching sounds outside his home led to the discovery of an unwelcome intruder trespassing on his property. A close investigation revealed an unknown creature that had approached his dogs and somehow got wrapped up in their chains. He was close enough to poke at it with a stick and notice six fingers on its hairy hands.

According to Peeler’s 911 report:

“The thing was 10 feet tall with beautiful, yellowish hair, and a yellow beard… It looked like a giant ape with a man’s face and it made a whistling sound…He was about nine or ten feet tall with real long arms… This thing was messin’ with my dogs and tryin’ to get to my back porch. If he comes too close to me, I’m gonna kill him.”

Bigfoot or Sasquatch has been spotted in several regions of the country extending from the northern woods of Washington state to California. This is not the first time a sighting has occurred in this rural region known as Cleveland County. A creature known as Knobby was seen so often since the 1970s that eventually its presence generated its very own Facebook page. (Talk about technology catching up with folklore or vice versa!)

Doubts may remain, but still something else lingers as well.  No one has been able to dispute as false that famous footage (a clip of which is seen below) of a female Bigfoot running alongside the woods taken by former rodeo rider, Roger Patterson, in Eureka, California back in 1967.

The local police have heard many stories and even the sheriff of Cleveland County, Mark Self, told the media that as a ten-year-old child living in the area he had been terrified by tales of Bigfoot sightings. As a police official he takes an official attitude about any reports of large, unknown animals. He says: “We’re working up here, so if we see something, we’ll try to capture it and take it into custody.”

Peeler is determined to capture any return visits by “Knobby” to his remote mountain-top home with a digital camera as he knows his story cannot be doubted if backed by photographic evidence.

He claims he has no fear of the creature but…

What about poor Knobby? How does he feel about this?

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